@fdroidorg This logo looks absolutely magnificent. It's already hard for me to imagine anything better

@fdroidorg is there any reason that the app is called "Fennec F-Droid" specifically? Is not like there's currently another know Fennec-named browser going on around, and @mozilla hasn't touched it in quite some time. So I would like to suggest a change to the name and simply call it #Fennec for when a new icon is selected.

@Jbastardov @mozilla @yegortimoshenko It's named according to mozzillas branding scripts: github.com/mozilla/gecko-dev/b

Fennec is mozzillas codename for firefox android and we are building our variant of it. So I think it makes sense to call it Fennec-Something.

@fdroidorg I understand. Still, the name, I dunno... Since you are already considering a new icon and are doing some work to the project, maybe consider a new name also? Something that makes it truly yours like it happened with IceWeasel and IceCat.

What do you think? @yegortimoshenko

@fdroidorg I like the current one much better. What's wrong with it anyway?

Yes, that's the icon I meant. It's perfectly fine IMO, I even really like it. Is it the shape that people criticize since it's not a round or squared shape?

@STP_KITT As fas as I can see nobody gave a reason other than "ugly".

Why don't you ask on the forum? forum.f-droid.org/t/new-icon-f

@fdroidorg Shoutout to @hellcp who authored it, great job!

Btw F-Droid lads, link leads to `server not found` for some reason.

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