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🌧️ at @fdroidorg again, with 58 updates and 8 new apps:

* AnXray: proxy chain
* Bubble: bubble level
* Droid-ify: materialized F-Droid client
* monocles mail: mail client
* Notification Dictionary: look up terms
* Ojo RTSP IP Camera viewer
* Sav PDF Viewer Pro
* Gravity Force Finger: game to feel gravity effects

Enjoy your from :awesome:

F-Droid Nearby is back on Google Play (and of course never left F-Droid). Make sure to check it out for an easy way to share installed apps with your friends even when you don't have an internet connection!

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🌧️ at F-Droid with 36 updates and 1 new app:

* PrivacyBlur: easily blur sensitive details in your photos before sharing them

Recently added to IzzyOnDroid:

* Pushie: temporary password sharing
* ModSynth: polyphone, modular synthesizer

Coming to my repo later today (next sync 6 pm UTC):

* Save: adds a "save to disk" item to your share menu

Enjoy your free with :awesome:

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What a timing. After the PlayStore joke, here comes the @fdroidorg 🌧️ of the day, with 31 updates and 4 new apps:

* Keep it up: server/service monitoring
* Kotori: a simple speedmeter
* Passman: Android client for the Nextcloud Passman app
* Word of the day: learn a new word/term every day

Now dupes. Properly reviewed originals. You can check and verify for yourselves.

Enjoy your (currently 3632) from :awesome:

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Hey @Google @GooglePlayDev,

It has been well over 2 weeks (September 27th) since you suspended F-Droid Nearby for "impersonation".

We have provided proof that we are F-Droid and want our app reinstated that same day.

The "up to 7 days" review time has long passed.

Please reinstate our app. Thanks.

Appeal ID: 5-7048000032075

It's ! Did you know that contributions on GitLab do count as well? And did you know you can contribute to at GitLab? Help us getting things done and get rewarded 🙃 Win-Win 🤗

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Another at @fdroidorg today, 50 updates and 7 new apps:

* FluffyChat: Matrix messenger supporting @unifiedpush 😍
* Easy Noise: simple app to play white noise
* Baby Phone: pretends to be a phone
* Hayago: minimalist go/chess clock
* Simply Translate Mobile: online translation
* sNotz: take notes
* Share to Pinboard: send URLs to Pinboard

Enjoy your from :awesome:

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Endlich funktionieren die reproduzierbaren Builds wieder – was bedeutet, dass Version nun auch auf dem offiziellen Repository auf f-droid.org gelandet ist! 🎊

Wir entschuldigen uns für die vielen Versionen seit, die es nicht dorthin geschafft haben.

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A little 🌧️ at @fdroidorg today, with 78 updates and 2 new apps:

* Minimalistic Price Converter: converting prices of fiat shitcoins and Bitcoin
* PyConZA 2021: program app for the PyConZA 2021 conference (South Africa)

If those don't interest you, update your index anyway to get the latest

* @CCTG version
* Element
* Netguard
* Catima
* Zapp
* and more, all just updated

Enjoy your from :awesome:

and all we're shipping grant you fundamental freedom to: use, study, share and improve them. We want user to control their software, not the other way around. It's not just about it's about .


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🌧️ at @fdroidorg :fdroid: again, today with 59 updates and 4 new apps:

* monocles social – XMPP client
* Nextcloud Maps Geobookmarks – bookmark and look up locations
* Search to browser – forwards search intents to your default browser
* Valetudo Companion – find and connect Valetudo robot vacuums

Enjoy your from :awesome:

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at @fdroidorg again, with 22 updates and 4 new apps:

* Funkwhale for Android – need to explain? 🎵
* Guerrilla Mail – anonymous/temporary mail ✉️
* Pareu de Parar-me – inform and collect information about racists police raids 👮
* Liedgutverzeichnis – which song is to be found in which book at which page 🎼

Enjoy your from :awesome:

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There are lots of Fediverse apps on @fdroidorg, the free open alternative to Google Play. Some Fediverse apps are exclusive to F-Droid!

Unlike Google Play, F-Droid apps are all free, open source and privacy-friendly.

F-Droid can be installed on any Android phone. It's slightly tricky to install because Google tries to block any alternative app stores. However, once it's been installed it is just as easy to use as Google Play.

There are some simple step-by-step F-Droid installation instructions here:


You can find out more about F-Droid on its official site at f-droid.org

#Fediverse #FediTips #FDroid #Android #GooglePlay #Google #Alternatives

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at @fdroidorg again, with 66 updates and 8 new apps:

* Anonymous Messenger: P2P messenger over TOR
* AVNC: VNC client
* Juvavum: board games 2 play against the machine
* Minidoro: Pomodoro Timer
* oRing - Reminder: thermal contraception manager for men
* PerfectEggTimer: 4 the perfect eggs
* Radar App: alternative/radical events close to you
* Voltage Drop Calculator: ← that

Enjoy your from :awesome:

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📢 Job Opening: Mobile Developer for OONI Probe

Join our team to lead the development of OONI Probe Mobile, supporting human rights defenders worldwide to investigate and fight internet censorship. ✊ 🐙 💫

Apply by 31st October 2021!

#ooni #ooniprobe #job #jobopening #hiring #mobile #mobiledeveloper #freesoftware

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⚠️ Important news

There's a new @fdroidorg app called #AirGuard protecting you from being tracked by AirTags.

It scans your surroundings for devices that someone might have put into your pocket to track you via #Apple's #FindMy surveillance network and alerts you if a device is following you.

Download it here: 🔗 f-droid.org/packages/de.seemoo

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at @fdroidorg again, with 85 updates and 4 new apps:

* AirGuard: Protect yourself from Apple's Find My Tracking
* DebtCalc: Calc the interest of your debts
* My Location: know the geolocations by your providers (GPS, network, etc)
* Noor-Ul-Huda: Quran reader app with extras (like prayer times & more)

Enjoy your from :awesome:

users: updates for Element and SchildiChat just hit our repo, containing important security fixes. Please refresh the index in your clients and update ASAP.

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🌧️ bei @fdroidorg again. Today 41 updates and 5 new apps:

* LibreOffice 2021 Schedule
* Plutus - Investment Tracker (completely offline)
* Simply Translate – online translator
* UP-Example – example client (and tester) for UnifiedPush
* RE:INSTEAD – Interactive fiction games

Enjoy your from :awesome:

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