I must admit I had to look up Lexi Alexander on Wikipedia...

@Lexialex I've been told you were famous so I just went for a follow but I had to admit to myself I had no idea...

@fdgonthier I’m not famous at all. People who worked with me have to imdb me because they can’t remember my name

@Lexialex Some people here would disagree I bet but you have to admit that, factually, you still have to attain a certain notoriety to have a wikipedia page :D

@fdgonthier I hate that page. They keep editing stuff about my dad out which makes me think they’re anti-Palestinian. I tried to edit it once, they told me I can’t edit my own bio. So other people have more authority about me than me

@Lexialex @fdgonthier Up until a year ago I had a wikipedia page and fucking hated it.

It was taken down around the same time I was targeted, but I'm actually happy it's gone? Like, thanks Nazis...?

@Lexialex I don't consider WP bio page to be authoritative for that reason. I just read there what you were "famous" for.

@fdgonthier @Lexialex Personally, I don't care what someone is "famous" for. I still have no idea who they are. I'm more interested in what they have to say.

@trwnh turns out people might be well known for what they have to say too...

@fdgonthier @Lexialex can't / shouldn't edit your own pages, but there's a talk page and you can write whatever you like there and it should get taken into account. if it doesn't get taken into account, feel free to ping me to look into it...

@Lexialex @fdgonthier But there sure were a lot of people excited when you joined, which is something in itself.

@Lexialex @fdgonthier Proud to say I followed you before reading the wiki about you. Because of what you tweeted not because you are a black belt, although this is also pretty cool. :) Hayyaaa

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