... wrote music for Harry Potter, sound by Jarvis Cocker (Pulp)...

I need to listen to more music made by Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood. That guy's music is just as good as any classical composer.

First time it happens, but the song Google Music say it's playing does not correspond to what is being played...

Hey, Storm Area 51 is supposed to be tomorrow. I want this to be a bunch of Youtubers getting arrested, recorded by another bunch of Youtubers. I hope nobody gets shot.


#PolCan #Trudeau 

Just accomplished something that will lift a big weight of my shoulders at work.

Thanks to working with embedded systems, I would like to buy a small bulk set of small uSD cards . Does anyone know a reliable / cheap source for that?

RMS is a reminder to look up from the terminal occasionally

I hop on Twitter for a minute and see 3 posts about people that had joined the FSF today, the day after RMS left. I even considered joining myself. I bet the FSF membership count will shoot up in the next few days.


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