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Someone with ideas from the 80s still posting memes in ASCII-art on BBSes

Here I'm predicting the creation of the FMF, the Free Meme Foundation, to promote meme poster freedom and defend the right of all meme posters.

"memers" - Some make a career out of shitposting.

The rest of us do that for free!

Oh noes. Joe Armstrong has passed :( His thesis had a big influence in my career and so far is the only Ph.D thesis I've ever read in its entirety.

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At home. With my parents. Feeling I'm in another world right now.

Feeling more detached about US politics right now. I've looked at the headlines but I don't feel like reading the articles all that much. I hope this will last.

Local guy selling a TV: "stripes in the screen but the rest works okay"

What exactly is THE REST? If a TV screen is broken, what is the TV good for???

Been trying to read Lion's Commentary on UINX.

Sorry, it's boring. Not too sure what I can get out of that.

Seems she mostly disappeared from the public eye. This is very sad :(

From the Internet Archive, the last snapshot of her site taken when there was content was on September 2016!! This is concerning!! We've upgraded our site!
All users: Let's see that! SERVER ERROR
All users: hmmmmmmm

The Pine64-turned-print-server has been operating for a few weeks now. Pretty happy I've got this nailed.

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