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Tranquility Base Hotel Casino

... Mark speaking, please tell me how I can direct your call!

So it seems @stalfos wants to hear about Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

Four Out Of Five reached the elusive 300 plays on Google Music. Still not bored of it.

Wow who the fuck put the donald on

Tranquility Base, Hotel & Casino
Mark Speaking
Please Tell Me How May I Direct Your Call!

Seems I'm using Cinnamon 3.8 now. Unlike the GNOME team, the people making Cinnamon are careful not to shake up the experience too much. I barely see a difference.

Take It Easy for a little while
Come and stay with US

Still being found by headhunters for my Microsoft .NET experience.😞

This guy has clearly never met a linux user.

Why the new "Unite the Right" rally was allowed? As a way to round up nazis and crush them all at once? Because I really don't see any reasons why this new rally was allowed to be held.

The Arctic Monkeys singing The Ultracheese during Stephen Colbert show... Perfectly ridiculous

TBHC play count is still trailing behind Contre-Jour soundtrack. I might unconsciously want it to catch up.

Those are the tracks of Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino. The last column in the play count. Yeah I'm still crazy about it.

I realize I've been clicking on the mouse button on my laptop using the palm of my hand to avoid folding my thumb.

That seems peculiar to me. Anyone else does that?

Some people here will be unsurprised by the fact that it's PulseAudio that comes with this "broken record" feature.

Yes it was hosed and pretty much brought the computer down with it!

Refreshing the Google Play page *doesn't actually fixes that*

Google Music suddenly decided to simulate a broken record and jumps over the same part over and over again!

It's no longer news on this stream but I'm still absolutely amazed by Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. It's been years since I've been that gripped by a music album.

In other news, the creatives behind the whole of Tranqulity Base Hotel & Casino needs to be given a nobel price of creation: