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I struggle with the idea that there exists some french-canadian Trump fans. This idea hurts me.

Last boost: girl is obviously looking cheerful because she's going to get that breast reduction surgery!

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Anyone still putting WikiLeaks on a pedestal after this will get a heap of shit from me. They are as biased as any other outlets.


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If you like gameing and streaming, you might like to join this new group for these things so we can help each other. gameing.party

💗 kitty.town/media/Nv5sV2VaBmCf4

Technology is conspiring against me today.

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"Delivery may be delayed due to extreme weather conditions" - I guess they don't have the option for "Delivery may be delayed because we screwed up"

In other news... some package that was destined to me this week is now in Newfoundland. I'd toot an angry stare at Canada Post if there were on Mastodon :(

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Oh my please try Cities: Skylines

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So I replaced the battery in my phone but now it won't charge with the TurboPower charger. I'm angry at myself for having tried that and angry at Motorola for making that phone battery not replacable.

Didn't watch whatever the musky businessman put in orbit today. Doesn't care at all.

Trying Redshift under Linux to tone down the amount of blue lights my computer emits at night. Doing something similar on my phone. We'll see if I feel a difference.

Buying a book about RISC-V while idling in a sport shop. 2018 is pretty okay.

Elon Musk is "inventing" coffee.

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My spam filter is either not working correctly or working exactly as much as I need it to...


My personnal website lostwebsite.net is back online. There is nothing on it right now but it feels good to be back.