I'm still alive. Not that anyone care. Got a new G/F. Those things are high-maintenance especially when they're new! 😂

The key to getting in shape faster is joining a gym you can't exit.
#NewYear #Resolutions

Did I say here I like Redshift? Because I sure as hell do like Redshift.

Okay. Kinda officially no longer single. That went a lot better than expected.

Don't eat the rich. Humans contain a lot of toxins that are harmful to humans, and eating them doubles up on that. Also they contain (obviously enough) human vector diseases that you can catch in a way eating another species you wouldn't necessarily; Compost the rich and use them to grow other crops instead.

Heck, even the Google Home Mini use case is not clear for me! At least it's not a one trick pony and I always taught myself to use it for a few things (news, reminders, alarms). We'll see if I can make it part of my life.

I'm browsing Samsung SmartThings, trying to create myself a need, but I can't. This all seems vapid and useless.

Kinda seeing the point of smart, programmable, thermostats. Not seeing much of a point to smart lightning.

Impressed by Google Assistant. Very much less impressed by the current lineup of "smart" devices which all seem to be as smart as to allow you to control them sitting on your couch. Those products won't change my life. Controlling my household lightning by sitting on my couch won't change my life.

Now rocking one of those BlackBerry Android phones with a keyboard. My typing has improved already.

Last night of theoretical singleness. Tomorrow single in practice as well as in theory.

Ex g/f of 19 years is moving out this week. Next week at the same time I'll be celibate in practice after going through 3 months of theoretical singleness, still living with her.

Google is killing Inbox. I was an early adopter. I'm really annoyed. Gotta get used to Gmail again. *UGH* (Don't @ me with suggestion of not using GMail please it's not useful)

For those that wonder, I did manage to make Android mount and use a DVD drive but once it's mounted it refuses to eject it.

Going to see what the people behind Android x86 have done about that.

I know we all should collectively hate ESR but I still love his jargon file. I think we should restart using *plonk* as a word to say to someone getting getting blocked.

I will be trying this on Facebook and confuse the hell out of everyone.

Everyone's here seems to be working on changing the world and I'm just here trying to get Android to mount a CDROM.

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