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This is one of the most surprising albums I've heard in a while. My first reaction to it was a resounding "BOOORING" then the next day I wanted to listen to it again... and then again... and again... and again...

I don't know what's happening.

STILL listening to Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino . It's been a week. Help me.

(It's not why my mood 😞 )

Still reporting spammers on mastodon.technology :/

Listening to the previous album of the Artic Monkeys makes me appreciate the great production of TBHC.

Been reporting spammers on mastodon.technology today :/ This is annoying.

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10,200 people gave this Kickstarter start-up for 3-D headphones nearly $3 million. They have nothing to show for it. https://t.co/elENCfJ6th
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Still listening to Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

@GinnyMcQueen we're dogsitting Channel but she is a bit naughty with guests πŸ˜•

So, instance-only posts? Anyone is interested? I think it could foster community spirit on instances. Speciality instances like Switter could also benefit from that.

Idea credit from @GinnyMcQueen

I can't stop listening to Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. I guess it's conductive to work.

Just enrolled to a course about bird behaviour. I'm weird like that. !!!

""The exotic sound of data storage, nothing like it first thing in the morning"

Fourth listening of Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. It's certainly not a thrilling album but still eminently listenable and relaxing. A consistent experience across the whole album.

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Friends, as we head into #Ramadan, please take special care to CW your posts about #food. Your observant Muslim community-mates will be fasting between sunrise and sunset, and using a CW will make life a little easier for them.

Something drew me back to the new Arctic Monkeys album.... Yes I told it was boring. It's not exactly thrilling but it has a certain aesthetic appeal...

The Artic Monkeys last album pretty much sounds like elevator music. I think that's the point of it but it's INSUFERABLY BORING.