The anti-Gab patch of Tusky is "against the spirit of free software?" Maybe, okay, but what's going to happen? Stallman's going to knock at the developer's door?

The idea behind semantic versioning is beautiful. I should be able to delete my whole vendor/node_modules directories and just re-install, and there will be no breaking changes, just bug fixes.

The actual experience of doing so is far removed from the expected...

This is a systemic failure.

Mr Squirrel is still able to reach the feeder. He's probably still able to reach it by the tree. I'm just going to move it some more.

Financial Planner: *barely intelligible financial mumbo jumbo*
Me: . o O ( Only hears birbs singing in the garden ) O o .

Turns out he had noted the appointment was at 10AM. I had 9AM written down.

I hate mornings so much that I would not have written down 9AM if it was at 10AM. Pretty sure I'm not the one that made this mistake 😖

What's the best & newest Linux IM client that allows chatting over Google Hangout?

I had an appointment at home with a financial planner. He's 30 minutes late. It's not the first time he's late. Seriously considering telling him not to call me ever again.

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Firefox Developer Edition is Very Good. I would recommend it to people switching from Chrome.

I want people to love birbs and birbs to love people. Squirrels are the 1%.

Vacations start in 1 week. Motivation is low. Vacations will be welcome.

Bracing for noxious replies soon. I'm drinking scotch so I'm unlikely to be patient though.

When @maloki boosts you, be ready for an influx of notifications 😆

I have no sympathy for legitimate Gab users.

They should just move away. Gab isn't the only social network out there.

If they think Gab is the only social network out there for them, though, then they're welcome to stay the fuck there and be homeless when it inevitably folds and close.

If you walk in a parade of nazis, terfs, misogynists, homophobic, don't complain when people say you're one of them.

If you don't share their points of view, don't associate with them.

"Legitimate" users of Gab can legitimately use other social networks. They don't have to associate themselves with the other hateful people there.

Update: moved the feeder away from the tree the squirrels were using to jump on top of the squirrel baffle. I've seen squirrels since but didn't see any in the feeder. It's been 2 days. They might need time to figure it out but I'm hopeful.

I'll try to use Firefox Developer Edition as my main browser now.

1) Make a poll
2) Ignore it the when your option doesn't win
3) Do whatever you feel like

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