Today i need to change my cloud storage provider for my #backup system. Actually i push my data to #Backblaze B2 and i use Restic to encrypt/deduplicate.

Why not borg ? Because #Restic allows you to push data directly to providers no need to store locally unlike Borg. I have ~1,2To data to backup.

B2 is very cheap but they charge some APIs calls (Class2) and restic need this to index which makes B2 more expensive than expected.

I'm thinking of switching to #Wasabi. Any suggestions ?


@jee How were your experiences with ? Was thinking of using them.

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@farhan Unfortunately de-duplicate backup software like Restic need to rewrite the same files many times and the way that Wasabi works (the 90 days stuff) make Wasabi not really suitable for this usage. @angristan write a post about it

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