How do we encourage people to stop using #!/bin/bash?
That alone ports over 90% of Linux-specific scripts to BSD.

@farhan what's the better alternative?

is #!/usr/bin/env bash better?

@mdszy Yes, I did that on a few Firefox things stuff I didn't finish porting. Most of the time just #!/bin/sh works, but that's perfectly fine if you need bash.

@farhan gotcha

i generally used #!/usr/bin/env bash since it seemed to me to be a better practice, glad to know that it actually is, haha

@farhan nice nice

i definitely value portability when i'm writing bash scripts and stuff, glad to know using env helps so much

@farhan sounds like a better solution would be to make a BSD command or whatever to run scripts ignoring that line, rather than making everybody on earth update their scripts.

@farhan I know I'm guilty of using bash up there when I know the script will work on things like Sun's ancient /bin/sh. It's entirely because I know the systems my script needs to run on have bash installed.

Sadly, I don't think people will stop needlessly being bash-specific until the obvious porting issues affect them directly.

@yakkoj To be fair, Linux dominates the legacy Unix market. Anything else out there, including BSD which I love, is a rounding error.

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