One approach to spread is to get projects with Twitter accounts in the Tech sector to get onto Mastodon.

@deshipu Ultimately its all just personal preference, I prefer the concept of a decentralized platform over a centralized one.

@farhan That is fair enough, and I share your preference. But I don't see how it follows from that that it needs spreading to Twitter-using projects?

@deshipu I just came across a platform that uses Twitter to advertise its updates/status. If that was on Mastodon, that would provide some marginal incentive for people to be on it. Incrementally, it would form a collective mass. At least that's my theory.

@farhan I don't know, one of the reasons why I prefer Mastodon to the Birbsite is the fact that here I mostly interact with living people, not marketing brand outlets.

@farhan But you just mentioned that you want to bring more of the other kind of users here. I'm not sure this would be an improvement.

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