This video is a perfect example of the differences between Urdu and other languages, in this case Pashto.

The slow poetic parts are in Urdu
The early 2000s "punk" is Pashto

Removed the private key from my work machine and only use my Yubikey now :)

I have just released #hikari 0.0.1, my #cwm inspired window manager (now including documentation and a cleaned up repository). Get the code at my #darcs repository (you don't need darcs, you can download a zip if you want to). Currently only supports #FreeBSD and #OpenBSD. #Unix #BSD

Once upon a time, FOSS enthusiasts were so concerned about Microsoft, that they recommended everyone use GMail and Google Apps.

Today the same crowd hates Google, so they recommend $SERVICE instead...

As long as $SERVICE is a provider in the cloud, on somebody else's computer, I'm shaking my head.

Many of the things being recommended are even more proprietary and locked-down than Google's stuff is!

Fighting monopolies is good. But don't lie to yourself that this helps software freedom.

Had some well-wishers at the masjid, khutbah (sermon) was about taking ones self into account, particularly in the family.

I really don't understand the psychology of a mass shooter...

Encryption question:

Anyone know how boards like Alt.anonymous.messages works? I don't see any PGP key ID when I run those messages through pgpdump or gpg --list-packets.


Are you in the US and looking for a masjid/mosque?

DM me. I can find you one close to you.

The Mosques/Masjids don't belong to Muslims, they belong to Allah.

You are more than welcome.

Take it from me, your friendly bearded fairly "conservative" (hate that term) Mastodon Muslim.

You're more than welcome!

Want to visit a masjid/mosque?

Just go. No formalities, not special attire, just walk in. You are not an outsider, its YOUR place too.

I would recommend around ~7pm if you're in the US.

As Rumi said "Come all, Sinner, Saint, lover of leaving, even if you've broken your vows 1000 times, just come"

Okay honestly now, I need to get off Wordpress. Anyone have any Fediverse blogs? I know there's WriteAs, and I'll look into it when I have a moment.

US Government Will Be Scanning Your Face At 20 Top Airports, Documents Show

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