Turns out, generating a GPG key with 16-bits of custom entropy is a very VERY time consuming process. Did I just get lucky the first two times?

After some light tooling, CPU utilization went from 70-80% to 99% across all cores. Thanks !

Anyone know where I could get cheap CPU time for a few days?

Proper way to exit the vi editor: Hold the power button for 5 seconds.

Why didn't someone tell me Yubikeys (and Smart cards in general) could be used for ssh authentication? I've been storing keys on my work machines.

Gonna figure out how to use this on FreeBSD, Linux and Windows, in sha Allah.

My new PGP key ID ends in FFFF :)


(Took 20 hours to generate)

Been running a person blog for 4 years or so on Wordpress. Considering moving it over to the Fediverse.

How customizable are the current options?

Turns out, my YubiKey doesn't like 1024-bit or lower PGP keys.

So remember when my phone heated up, draining the battery to fuck? I don't know if I solved the whole problem, it still heats up a little, but disabling all of Google's apps has gotten it back to working condition.

Another example of proprietary fuckery. #DeGoogle

AIPAC has undo political influence in our elections.

First time doing a send/receive. Look at that data fly!

Someone kindly please send me an XMPP message. I want to see how it looks on my phone.


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