Had to unsub from someone who kept posting weird overly sexualized anime girls.

That seems very much NS FW.

I need a laptop (don't have one). Any recommendations?

A. Thin, able to support a SSD disk (I have a spare 1 TB one lying around)
B. 3 USB slots
C. USB-C power and/or slots
D. "Collapsible" Ethernet port
F. 14" in size
G. Good monitor (I can do HDMI, but would prefer nicer)
H. Decent build quality



Anyone using #traefik with #kubernetes, are you able to get the X-Forwarded-For handling working correctly?

I run Linux Mint as my desktop and have for...uff...5 years? More? Same installation.

Figured I would give Manjaro a shot.

A lot of stuff seems to be broken. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

<JHM> AIX - the Unix from the universe where Spock has a beard.

Are there any i3 GUI theme configuration tools?

I wrote a crappy, horribly misguided HTTP server in high school and early college. It still works!

Is it appropriate for me to air productive criticism I heard of why a fairly large team did not go with in production, despite domain knowledge by the admins?

many one-shot style command-line utilities like cal or ls would be better off using sbrk() than malloc(), but alas that only works if you're willing to tie yourself to POSIX since it's not part of libc. the difference is that sbrk() just changes the size of the heap, so everything is linear, there's no fragmentation, and allocation is a very cheap call. you don't actually need to worry about freeing memory unless you're using a *whole* lot of it in unpredictable ways. calling free() when you're just going to exit the program anyway and thereby automatically return all its memory to the operating system is incredibly wasteful.

Our new blog is officially here. Come read about why we left Medium and how we built a crazy fast, privacy-respecting blog just for you.


I'm running a hackathon at #vBSDCon 2019. Seriously they're letting me do this. Come spend a day with me learning the ins and outs of building software on #OpenBSD and creating and maintaining ports. Even if you're not an OpenBSD person, lots to learn about software portability and practice.

#BSD #FreeBSD #NetBSD #DragonFlyBSD #HardenedBSD

I am not able to use/view any accounts from birdsite.monster on two different instances. What gives?

Want to add value to the ? Get @garabatokid@twitter.com to join!!

(I suggest not using a mirror bot)

The #gameoftrees FAQ summarizes our responses to several questions the internet was asking when the project first became known to the general public: gameoftrees.org/faq.html

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