I miss Hajj, one of the few times I'm in my life I've felt like a pure human being.

If your team manages inhouse developed code via Git, do they use or ? Or something else?

"Rust in peace: Memory bugs in C and C++ code cause security issues so Microsoft is considering alternatives once again"

This will draw more attention to #Mozilla and the #Rust project. 😎


Via @TheRegister

For better or worse, will always be more prevalent than

I will need the help of Android developers.
I recently used a lib that includes Glide 4.8.0 (same version that Fedilab uses)

I got this error:
D8: Program type already present: com.bumptech.glide.GeneratedRequestManagerFactory
I tried to exclude the dependency from this lib without any success.


If you had already encountered this issue, I would appreciate your help :)

When my father was really ill, my mom was disturbed why he wasn't eating for days (cancer arrests your appetite). He used to sing this her this song to calm her down, which was popular when they first married.

Translation of the main lyric: "I saw a dream, and then our affair began, the farthest I see are flowers"

Sounds much better in Urdu/Hindi lol


Unpopular Opinion: Every Punjabi party song is exactly the same.

Replace one with the other and no one will notice.

Is anyone actively working on a git server for the ? Aside from a better federated search, that alone would be a "killer app" for the Fediverse.

@alibahadar@mastodon.social salaamz, your last name means Brave :)

Fediverse is the internet I always imagined as a kid.

Wohoo my first port contribution got committed! Enjoy mu-1.2! :flan_dance: :flan_party:

@pamela: "What is a union?"
Me: "A union is an evil struct."

Someone message me at xmpp at farhan@blabber.im. Wanna see if it works.

If you run a Pleroma instance, why that over Mastodon?

How's the search feature?

The surviving members of Apollo Mission Control White Team on console for the 50th anniversary of the landing twitter.com/BenFeist/status/11

The PM of Pakistan is like 30 minutes from where I live. Should I visit him?

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