I'm doing a survey on usage by vs .

Mind if I ask, how large is the Quey database and media storage?

@feld Is there any documentation on upgrading a deployment to another version? I didn't see it in the documentation, but I might have missed it...

Anyone recommend an introductory video on the protocol?

Experiences or thoughts on the search engine?

I use at the moment, wasn't a fan of overall.

what the fuck my job blocked duckduckgo

fuck off

@farhan 🤣 I tried to install Linux on my wife's laptop. It wasn't received very well.

Looking to setup between my wife and I, but would prefer to setup OTR.

She has an iPhone, I use an Android. Ideas?

Can someone recommend a free XMPP service? I want to set something up for my wife and I to communicate over.

My commute is now 7 minutes by Bike. Why *wouldn't* I just ride every morning??

Microsoft's on Edge and you could be, too: Chromium-based browser exits beta – with teething problems - Redmond loves Linux so much this Internet-Explorer-replacement is for Windows, macOS only right no... more: go.theregister.co.uk/feed/www.

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