EXCELLENT video about the rise of China, their ideology/philosophy and how Trump is failing to confront this challenge:

My company is so against , it ran out of RFC 1918 space 3 times over and still refuses to use IPv6. We even use reservee/unused public IPv4 space for internal use. Why? Because apparently IPv6 is too CPU intensive at scale.

Anyone know of SIMPLE device that doesn't work on FreeBSD - for example, a fan with various speeds controlled by the computer or something that blinks. The device MUST NOT be recognized as a HID (human interface device).


Another uneventful FreeBSD upgrade!
Server updated to #FreeBSD 12.1

Thank you to all volunteers, developers, FreeBSD Release Engineering team and FreeBSD Foundation

I think...I'm done with my fanboyism. I think its gonna be Brave or a related Chromium-based browser.

Why is trending? I can't put it together from the feed.

Its scary when you're the one helping people with regex at work..

NordVPN confirms it was hacked. While not the end of the world, definitely something to keep an eye on if you use this service.


#Hacked #NordVPN #VPN #Security #Breach

I learned that Trudeau won in via Mastodon's new feature.

This is why I wanted this feature.

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