Installing aside with ArchLinux because duh, sometimes you just want Windows

Well, Fedora is really closer to Windows than I thought. For unknown reason it just recognized a `/boot` disk of ArchLinux as an EFI partition. While it is booted in legacy mode.

Okaaay, this is strange, but I couldn't make this work. However I started thinking that I am trying to do something strange and stupid.

Probably somebody could give me a hint. I was trying to make Fedora to use the same partition for "/boot" as ArchLinux does. Is that stupid?

@alexcleac did you do grub-mkconfig after fedora install IN arch? Don't think fedora installer is smart enough to preserve kernel boot options for arch

@falyanguzov I coudln't manage to install fedora. The button "Begin Installation" was inactive, because I had an error, because it recognized the "/boot" not as a legacy boot partition, but as an EFI partition


@alexcleac then boot installation in uefi mode. Also, note somewhere kernel file name and version for both OSes

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@falyanguzov I don't want to use the UEFI mode, but it seems it enforces me to do it :)

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