Two fedi users enter a bar. They both order a drink. One says "put it on my tab." The other one, visibly upset, says "put it on my space." They start arguing for the rest of the evening

did you hear about the bill that requires all paperwork be done in latex? it was met with a public backslash


have you ever imagined the pleasure of shoving 23 dumplings (18 boiled, 5 fried) down your throat

code sample

class client(object):
def equals(expect, actual):
return expect == actual

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Using string.split(delim):
- fast
- everybody knows what it does
- Pythonic

Using MegacorpApiLibrary.StringUtil.client.split(string, delim):
- slow
- messy code
- one more dependency
- I need to go to your GitHub open sauce repository and click a dozen times to see if your function actually does anything or is it just a wrapper for string.split(delim)
- It is

vehicle wreck 

@mjorgensen I'm so sorry it happened

last Sunday I was almost rammed by a fucker who refused to push the blinker stalk half a second in advance

answering my classmate's question on Piazza, but the answer is "Rendering markdown..."

no, this is america, we dont call em isotopes. what you mean is ansitopes

alternative universe where power adapters are built into your phone


whhhhhheeeewwwwwwww media uploading works. ended up seeing how masto sends the request and realized that I can use JSON for posting a status. Docs made it seem like maybe it had to be FormData which was being finicky to serialize. sorry for all the test spam if you noticed.

Now I'll spend like 3 weeks refactoring the code and then start looking at implementing timelines.

🎵 You're on E now~
Yes my dear now~
Thanks to me now~
Nothing to fear now~ 🎵

Someone opened a PR to add a furry translation to the Ontario COVID QR code verification app.

The repo dev says they'll escalate it to the CFO (Chief Feline Officer)

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