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made with

alt text: Just wait till I learn complex numbers and start putting overlines over everything.


just me playing with Pillow

also I'm :thonk: -ing of restarting development of xkml, a project I started and ended half a year ago

I was using a <canvas> implentation in node

heck it was awful

to get an image rotated and put on it you literally have to tilt and move the *canvas* but not the image


would not buy again

I don't care if you miss out Oracle or combine :ubuntu: Ubuntu with :debian: Debian (under the name "Debian-based"), but I will fight you if you ignore :archlinux: Arch

listen up, capitalist solution-sellers in the first world

this is your minimum linux compatibility

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are you a normal distribution

@mdszy definitely not caused by that butterfly I saw flying by

@mdszy Shanghai, where the siren is tested once a year

I heard in some places in Europe it's tested once per month

I won't go there

air raid siren: *goes off*

me: *not scared at all*

@mdszy CMake is consuming my CPU

not a bad deal if I can avoid snaps

Ryzen you can do it

Oh you just did it


@mdszy This is part of "In Which I Install An Application With AUR Because I Refuse To Use Snap"

@mdszy I like how they quietly mask their errors and try again

@mdszy It's based on my experience downloading a 273MB-large file and it passes the SHA256 verification

💻 computers: machines that can transfer billions of ones and zeros through cables and other machines above or below sea level, before concatenating all of them without a single bit wrong

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