for i have released mastobot, a library for cheap bots who reply on cue, to PyPI, under the zero-BSD, slogan: "You - yes, you - can make the next CateCounter".

source code:

also just so that you're aware, if you do

def out_func():
funcs = []
for x in [0, 1]:
var = x
def in_func():
return var
return funcs

print([f() for f in out_func()])

this looks like it's gonna print [0, 1] but it's not. It's gonna give you [1, 1].

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Just wrote the most meta code ever

it's basically using functions in functions to return a list of functions
(comments ripped out intentionally)

In , beat by 67 votes (399-332, 55%-45%).

For "Python", nobody meant CPython. It's the lexical features and ecosystem. Yes, it's legos, but who doesn't love legos.

me: readability is the top priority when writing code!
also me: how can I :hacker_b::hacker_r::hacker_a::hacker_g:​ about myself being :hacker_s::hacker_k::hacker_i::hacker_l::hacker_l::hacker_e::hacker_d:​ as fuck without those :hacker_w::hacker_a::hacker_l::hacker_r::hacker_u::hacker_s:​ operators and filters with :hacker_l::hacker_a::hacker_m::hacker_b::hacker_d::hacker_a::hacker_s:

people with a env handy, please do me a favor: enter "from re import I (capital letter :hacker_i: )" and try to use it in various ways (its value should be 2). If you encounter NameError, reply me with the error msg and python version. It works on my machine but according to some issue and PR does not on others'. Thank you.

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there's a significant difference in CPU usage between the :vscode: debugger (which takes up an entire core) and :terminal: `python` from the command line (7-10% of a CPU core)

Am I using it wrong? :thonk:

Smart people, recommend me a 2d animation capable library for that does not involve wizardry.

And it's finally made. :stonks:

The for running code from a repo with zero documentation.

I wanna know if i made any stupid mistakes, so if you find any please tell it's no big deal i don't have many followers anyway

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