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| Security Question

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alt text: (3 years ago) "Please set a question only you know the answer to, as well as an insult in case you get it wrong next time." "Cool, got it."

| Know Your Numbers

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alt text: Concentrated Unicode; Uranium Consortium.

Black Box
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alt text: The instructions on what to fuck black boxes with was unclear. On that day, the NSA has seen EVERYTHING.

Survival of Humankind
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alt text: What, you want me to share this shelter with you? Wait. You mean, there can be more than one survivor? Oh.

Entropy Harvesting Daemon
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alt text: And after your death, you can challenge it to a game for your entropy.

oc comic (lewd) 

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alt text: (At the interview) Yeah, it was a struggle when we were about to sign the contract. So we were like "let us make whatever we want!" And Warner eventually gave in, but threatened us to "get a 5x gold in five years or get your ass out of here!" (looks at fans) We're here to stay, aren't we? (winks at backstage)

Soul Counter
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alt text: Hmm, this town has an upcoming census. I wonder what we can do to simplify the process...

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alt text: Excellent catch: ...which is the mass of *six hundred thousand trillion hydrogen atoms*!

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alt text: If I were him, I would get paroled on the first try because my instinct is to say "I don't give a shit".

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alt text: 'Dad, you know, we have some Google Home hardware, and I'm...' 'Ah, yes, we can use *that* to yell the warning at her.'

Brute Force
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alt text: From now on, I will start placing this quote at random places in hope things get interesting.

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alt text: 'Why do you own a phone?' 'Sad story. If only I had looked up what the emblem on his armband means, I would *not* have let that German guy win the election.'

Night Plane Spotters
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alt text: 'It's coming this way!' 'Oh shit! I *told* FAA the 5-watt laser light wasn't *exactly* mine!'

fkfd double-update:

68. Popularity |
Hover text: I'd like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Manjaro, is in fact, GNU/Linux/Arch/Manjaro, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux plus Arch plus Manjaro...

69(nice). One-Letter Modifications |
Hover text: With careful lettering, you can transform an opinion into a fact! How entertaining.

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CC BY-NC 4.0.

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alt text: The joke is an imaginary one, but fortunately it's not too complex.

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alt text: 'Maybe you be a trans, and train Alexa to be transphobic?'

Black And White
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alt text: 'Also, poverty is still an issue in-' 'No, I won't give you a breadboard.'

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