| 5050
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title text: Somewhere in ancient China, Zu Chongzhi approximated the value of pi between 3.141592600000000002 and 3.141592700000000004.


| Elevator
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title text: I also enjoyed doing the reverse. Epic prank as it was, I really wish the victims had checked the pressure before unlatching the airlocks.


| Logician's Confession
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title text: "Given I'm the liar, it follows that the Logician's Confession *isn't* super fun. So why are we playing it?"


| Protesters
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title text: Also the parasitic protesters: those who follow another group, shouting slogans only for free beer.


| The Talk
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title text: Oh, and, when you die, tell Satan I personally can't visit but I'm really thankful.


| Museum of Technology
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title text: Plot twist: the Italian robot turned out to be a large stereo loudspeaker with hands.


| Torricelli
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title text: At that time, it was impossible to make glass tubes that tall. But now, with promising advancements in nanomaterials, I propose a novel design for future space elevators...


| Ham Radio
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title text: Another word was banned too soon after a female dog stood up against cross-species sexism.


| Unique
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title text: When your parents told you "you are special", they killed your soulmate.


| E-Saviour
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title text: 'He was e-buried, and He was unbanned on the third day.'


| JavaScript
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title text: It comes in megabytes, but hey, at least it's chunked and encrypted.


comic teaser bc i don't have my laptop here chez mes grandmère et grandpère
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| Grades
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alt text: However, grades will be accessible via our official SmartSAT mobile app if you sign up for our anti-depression therapy bundle.


| 2D Minecraft
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alt text: The greatest difficulty was resisting the temptation to inject the blank area with ads.


| Stray Cats
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alt text: Sure, Tom and Jerry got the world all messed up, but nothing is as bad as lasagna.


| Company Rules
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alt text: "To this day, I'm still hearing our first CEO murmuring all those rules to me behind my back." "You aren't hallucinating; whoever founded it haunted it."


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