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alt text: 'Maybe you be a trans, and train Alexa to be transphobic?'

Black And White
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alt text: 'Also, poverty is still an issue in-' 'No, I won't give you a breadboard.'

As Is Announced
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alt text: But next time, you should stop pronouncing "Android Studio" as "as".

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alt text: Those sites that just let me in are spoiling my fun.

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alt text: Perhaps it is because the previous host of my soul died from a stairs accident that I'm so alert of their potential threat.

Turning Point
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alt text: With carefully curated machine learning methods and training datasets, the latter outcome shouldn't be hard.

Being Single
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alt text: Fun prank with invisibility cloaks: give your friend one, pretend to turn it on, and watch as they do unexpected things.

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alt text: Just wait till I learn complex numbers and start putting overlines over everything.

Set Alarm
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alt text: In some countries you have one chance per year to blame DST.

Python Code With No Documentation
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alt text: This repo is probably unusable -> Create another repo that does the same thing -> Publish on GitHub with no documentation

Wheeled Armchair and Armed Wheelchair
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Alt text: An armed armchair isn't very easy to deal with, either.

(i need to automate this process.)

Middle Button

Alt Text: A mouse manufacturer saw this and sent me a mouse with a middle button that goes down, left and right, but does not scroll.

Last night, I saw a moon that's obviously redder than normal. I wonder when we will have green moons and blue moons, which will look *MUCH* cooler.

Hover text: 'Should I file a bug report?' 'No. The bug is already known to billions of testers.'

(I think I shouldn't have transcribed this comic. It almost failed to fit in the length limit.)

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