Damn you, B&N, where could a package possibly be except on its way

Can you actually track my package down to like city level

, do you mind showing me dimensions for files that are actually images?

Set Alarm
made with

alt text: In some countries you have one chance per year to blame DST.


Python Code With No Documentation
made with

alt text: This repo is probably unusable -> Create another repo that does the same thing -> Publish on GitHub with no documentation


And it's finally made. :stonks:

The for running code from a repo with zero documentation.

I wanna know if i made any stupid mistakes, so if you find any please tell it's no big deal i don't have many followers anyway

Say herro to my collection of four DDR's at hand

I love harvesting hardware off old computers :stonks:

Wheeled Armchair and Armed Wheelchair
made with

Alt text: An armed armchair isn't very easy to deal with, either.


(i need to automate this process.)

This is graphically more wild, but at 20*20 it doesn't make a difference.

Middle Button

Alt Text: A mouse manufacturer saw this and sent me a mouse with a middle button that goes down, left and right, but does not scroll.


Ah, yes.
enslaved todos.

My hobby: one-upping other people's bots with slight UX touches and cool features. :stonks:

NOW you're just *begging* for it.

Sensitive media: Pepe & HK

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