And it's finally made. :stonks:

The for running code from a repo with zero documentation.

I wanna know if i made any stupid mistakes, so if you find any please tell it's no big deal i don't have many followers anyway

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It took me some effort in order not to let the arrows overlap. It was originally drawn on paper, then with . Yeah, it's an overkill for such a cool tool, but *hey*, *free software*!

@fakefred Needs an extra bit after "Good Job" that says "... now to figure out what the fuck it's supposed to even do"

The for running code from a repo with zero documentation
@OTheB ✅ Issue closed. should be good now.

@fakefred Sounds a bit dangerous, running a file you found on github? ;)

@fakefred TBH, 99,9% of Python repos I use are libraries, so they don't get run as such. But still, the first thing I'd do for an unmaintained repo is read every single code line through ;)

@jaywink In my defense, I *did* read every line of the repo. I just never figured out what it does.

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