@forgefed Hi ForgeFed team!

A few folks and I are also getting our hands into this field, and we realized we should not do repetitive work in parellel, especially not *two* specs or protocols. I'm really curious about your work, and how you got ActivityPub, a social network-oriented protocol, to suit your needs.

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@fakefred ActivityStreams just happens to be social media focused in its first form. But the spec allows extensions. It can be extended to any domain, existing RDF or new.

cc @fr33domlover


@fakefred Hi Fred! I'm happy to hear about new effort and motivated people working on decentralizing project hosting :) Like @cj said, AS2 allows extensions, it's just a vocabulary in JSON-LD format, allowing any RDF data to be expressed. But we do try to reuse standard ActivityPub properties and only add custom ones as necessary. Here's an example of what it may look like:

The spec is still evolving, but if you look at the spec in the git repo, and the issues, and the forum (links in @forgefed profile), you can get an idea of what's going on. I'd love to collaborate! Come to #peers channel on Freenode and/or the forum :) and I'd love to join wherever you/team is, if I'm invited ;)

@fr33domlover I'm reading through ForgeFed's specs, and wondering if this all is too much work for any FOSS git platform, and how you decided to make repos Actors. 🤔


@fr33domlover I understand you're making a fork for GitLab CE etc, and I myself am looking forward to the federalization of gitea instances. I'd say we first implement an inter-instance identity system based on OAuth or stuff, and make small patches with new federation functionalities.


@fakefred it's the same amount of work as for any federated web app, the actor model stuff and its implementation isn't specific to forges. The difference is the activity and objects types having forge specific details :)

As to why repos are actors, and more generally which things should be actors and which not, after discussions I came up with the following guideline:

Btw the page I linked has more spec related stuff, I document stuff there when it's not ready for the spec but already implemented experimentally in Vervis. Take a brief look to get an idea how some stuff is going to work :)

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