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What goes wrong if I
`sudo pacman -Syu`?
Google "Arch rollback"

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RT 朋友養的變色龍總是在奇怪的地方睡覺

Powered by SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

I was just informed this is something made by Hu-manity

"""promote privacy and build trust""" i shit you not

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platinum: Highest level of personalisation. Data accessed to make ads and media more relevant. Data shared with 3rd parties may be use to track you on this site and other sites you visit.

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so i poked around just to explore this ridiculous madness

silver: Highest level of privacy. Data accessed for necessary basic operations only. Data shared with 3rd parties to ensure the site is secure and works on your device

gold: Balanced experience. Data accessed for content personalisation and site optimisation. Data shared with 3rd parties may be used to track you and store your preferences for this site.


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Color band: The colors are sorted ... to reduce the significance of possible read errors due to color shifts and fading over time

Also color band: applies to the 10x multiplier

Ah yes 470 is close enough to 4.7k what could go wrong

holy fuck i just washed my hands and i can see water vapor floating off them

🎉🎉🎉 Released!!!! 🎉🎉🎉

The year is 2069. You and a few metamours are going on a date to burn down one of the few nazi conventions left.

Todd Howard will be re-releasing Skyrim later next month...

Enjoy! <3 :boost_ok: :boost_ok: :boost_ok:

Once again thanks to @AgathaSorceress for recording a bit of guitar for this one ^^

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me: oh can't wait to try troubleshooting this issue, it'll be like a little detective novel!

issue: be like a detective novel

me: heck

*me, at my circuit*

it could be crosstalk, or it could be Unbargainable Wire Ghost

my project is turning into a disaster

guess i shouldn't have abused that cat5 to drive the LCD

not gonna replace arch though, I recently got an HDD and have 256GB to spare


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