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Here's your fucking code

go mess with it, modify demo.xkml and create some horrible shit

:honk: :stonks:

lets hope nothing goes wrong while i sleep

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Maintainer speaking.

TL;DR: rate limit introduced. 10 memes per 5 min.

Last night, I sensed terror from the very existence of bots like @UwUTranslator. My bot could get trapped into an infinite loop and keep on memethesizing until banned.

However tonight, I implemented a rate limit. Result? You can't request for >10 memes in an arbitrary 5-minute window, or you'll receive a rejection. If you want them anyway, delete and redraft in 5 minutes.

Contact me to suggest a better limit than 10/5.

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@memethesis :drake_dislike: awkward emote layouts
:drake_like: :lazer_S::lazer_O::lazer_F::lazer_U::lazer_C::lazer_K::lazer_I::lazer_N::lazer_G::lazer_S::lazer_T::lazer_Y::lazer_L::lazer_I::lazer_S::lazer_H:

ugh my DMs to aren't received there

:drake_dislike: before commit 855d7b6: " < > :thonk:
:drake_like: after commit 855d7b6: & < > :thinkerguns:

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Known problems:
Unicode emoji isn't supported (yet).
The rendering process for texts with emojo is different from that of those without. That said, unexpected behavior may occur! Report such incident to me via the fediverse or github issues.

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I'm the author of memethesis: @fakefred

I'm excited to announce that a shiny new feature has been rolled out today, and that is EMOJO SUPPORT!

Take off from the taxiway of plaintext. If you're a shitposter, you can now reach a new level by throwing emojo mercilessly. Else, you can illustrate your meme better with some lil pictograms.

Use whatever custom emoji on your instance. Remember, *your* instance.

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@memethesis :drake_dislike: finishing emojo rendering tonight
:drake_like: postponing it cos I wanna sleep
(I promise it will get done)

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Bot recommendations 

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Potential Death (of a star) 

Me: "Look I'm coding so fast autocomplete can't catch up my keystrokes"

Reality: IntelliSense frozen

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@memethesis :drake_dislike: Getting in an existential crisis by thinking about philosophical problems
:drake_like: Getting existential by playing singleplayer MineTest and seeing such post-apocalypse world the mapgen yields that there's a stone chamber at depth -1674 right below my house which makes you wonder whether you actually *are* the only person and also get a weird taste of augmented but realistic loneliness

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