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What goes wrong if I
`sudo pacman -Syu`?
Google "Arch rollback"

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we dont believe whats on tv
because its not NTSC
megacorps sell 1080p
we all forget what interlacing means

tech rant, murder ment 

you know those airpod-inspired Bluetooth headphones

they tell the host to pause music playback when one of them is taken out

the pair I own happen to manifest a severe case of false positivity

yawning -> pause
turning head -> pause
vibin' -> pause
any small disturbance to the shape of my ear canals -> pause


2519. Sloped Border 

title text: "The slope will be 74° at ground level." "Okay, I think we can hack together a ... wait, why did they specify ground level? It's 74° everywhere, right? ... Oh no, there's a whole section in the treaty labeled 'curvature.'"


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