Attention please, everyone. From now on I'm calling any AI I disapprove "Fartificial Intelligence" and big data that spies on you "Your Big Dada".

NOW you're just *begging* for it.

Sensitive media: Pepe & HK

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Shower thought 

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Using open source libraries by your company without contributing back is not only useless, it's also terribly risky.

You see, the real advantage of open source is not that you get code for free, but that your developers become a part of a global community of experienced engineers, gain experience, familiarity with the tools and code, and influence in those projects.

Without that you are at the mercy of chance, with projects becoming abandoned, rewritten to support different use cases than yours, etc.

(they also misspelled Konqi in all their products)

In my defense, slacking off writing small pieces of code *can* count as being productive.

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#xkcd #gammaTest Conference Question - I also have an utterance. Less of an utterance and more of an incantation. Less of an incantation and more of a malediction. Less of a malediction and more of a Word of Power. Less of a Word of Power and more of an Unforgivable Curse. - Mon, 19 Aug 2019 04:00:00 -0000 - #poweredByAwk

Even before the telegram channel which polls every 5 minutes, and the mastodon bot (@xkcd).

Am I psychic?

My superpower: had a feeling "hey, there should be an xkcd by now", checked, YES.

Also VSCode's menubar doesn't work with KDE's global menu

I saw someone's screenshot with such design, & I was like, "oh a pretty theme huh, gosh, slim lines? I wouldn't want that."

Joke's on me.

Searching frantically in VSCode settings hoping to get the old sidebar design back

I should have read the changelog before running pacman -Syu 😠

FreeOffice: pLeAsE oBtAiN yOuR pRoDuCt KeY bY fIlLiNg OuT yOuR eMail

LibreOffice: *fixes bug where input with ibus randomly fails*

Me: Who needs FreeOffice?

It gets worse when your computer screen is visible from the exterior. Pretty sure they won't arrest me, but I would like to know the resolution of its camera.

Beetle: *hovers outside of window*

Me: Shit, could be a government surveillance drone

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