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What goes wrong if I
`sudo pacman -Syu`?
Google "Arch rollback"

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I had a dream where mastodon allows third-party logins and along the list there was parler :eyes_fast:

Tired: pun
Wired: double entendre
Pluswired: doublethink

@luvo follow-up:
Peter said that he deliberately dropped more than three horses in your house, and that you are allowed to murder them (in other words to commit equicide).

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If there were one thing I like about the English language it would have been the subjunctive mood

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if Amazon can't profit off your code is it really open source?

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Hi @luvo ,

So far, three (3) of PeterGatsby's horses have been found to be intruding your house. It is probably because your house is, in essence, a bunker. They do not pose threats to your residence. For humanistic reasons they were not harmed, but you should *really* take a look.

This new notif by mastodon just feels a little webshit tbh

Where's Waldo but the book is a PCB of a TV and Waldo is C35

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Death ment 

Woke up to find that @Mae 's cat has sadly gone to another world

I'm sorry for your loss, and I wish all your other cats live a long and fulfilling life :happycat:

It's going to be


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I say goodnight to fedi as I tuck myself into bed, into a session of tumbling like a dryer

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It is night. I cannot sleep. Still can't get over the fact that the original Manjaro forum is gone for eternity. The new one, as some might have known, was steered away from having an off-topic category, and thus lacks Linux Humor, the only reason why I stayed.


to make nachos you need more cheese than tortilla chips by mass


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