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Here's your fucking code

go mess with it, modify demo.xkml and create some horrible shit

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lets hope nothing goes wrong while i sleep

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or tell'em "oh you still using [product]? all the boomers are on [another product] now!"

If you *know* I'm not a dev at [insert company here] don't ask me for tech support related to any of their products fuck

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@mdszy @reitrace oh no COMPUTERS are 100% magic
1. sense time by way of crystals
2. gain consciousness via poisoned sand
3. exist only in an ever transitory way, their consciousness wiped on the regular
4. are summoned by burning ancient plant matter, worship of the wind/sun or alchemy
I could go on, but suffice it to say

GitHub mobile is reintroduced (iOS in beta, Android on beta waitlist):

Android beta requires Google play; proceed at own risk.

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@trickster all zeroes are equal, but some are less equal than others

Writing the latter partly to convince a friend of mine to get out of the "read website content -> fall into confusion -> look up for help -> read website content" loop and actually (caps following) 

Gonna write a blogpost "installing arch linux on a raspberry pi 3b+ and getting x to run on it" and another one "why you should be extra bold when trying GNU/Linux for the first time" hell yeah

Hello @kde, should I pronounce Konqi as "kon-kee" or "kon-kai"?

Haha, fat chance, just figured archlinuxarm is mirrored by TUNA (the Tsinghua University organization of networking and OSS enthusiasts) whose mirror is accessible by me at ~5MiB/s

It's so surreal I would give up an installation bc of slow transfer from a package mirror

Hello what the fuck Tangzhen Elementary, what you view as a masterpiece of a mural, I view as a horrible counterfeit Picasso artwork that's painted 100x too large


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