I find automation one of the lesser talked about but more important conversations in our political dialogue. Interesting conversation.


The new mastodon onboarding/tutorial images are so damn cute!!!

Does anyone on Mastodon play Eve Online? I started playing back in 2007 and been on and off since then but haven't played in over 2 years. Thinking about rolling one of my ships out of its hanger.

Today I build a roguelike to explain the job of a security analyst. Should be interesting.

Sleep is a necessary part of being a responsible employee.... Unless of course if you are a sysadmin.

"When looking to hire a new accountant, I check out their Google Drive. If they don't have at least a few public side project spreadsheets, they are not passionate enough."

That's how stupid it sounds...

Convinced management to let me model our cyber threat protection model utilizing a roguelike... So now I get to write and play games at work the rest of the week.

Another SOTU with neither side discussing the ongoing and increasing rise of the effects of automation on our nation.

Hey all. Linux tech head building data analyzers utilizing Python, Elasticsearch. Also dabble with Logstash plugins and contributing to open source. Atheist now but have a BA in Biblical Studies and was former fundamentalist minister. Typically horrible at communities but going to give this a good go.

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