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I like when people say "asking for a friend" when they're asking for themself, it implies they are their own friend, that is nice

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thinking about how "you can't properly display or even store the family tree of the hawaiian monarchy with modern geneology software because the standard file format used is developed by mormons" is 100% true and absolutely fucking ridiculous

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If we called it “applied statistics” instead of “machine learning” or “artificial intelligence” we’d probably get fewer people asking if the computer is alive.

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I saw this awful Netflix movie last night, Tau, it’s a low budget horror sci fi like Cube meets Siri. It has Gary Oldman and no other recognizable cast members, and it’s made in Serbia, distributed by Netflix.

The whole thing made me think of The Crows Have Eyes from Schitt’s Creek. A terrible script, they scored one single big name looking for quick money and shooting in Serbia (which seems to be the Canada of Europe for cinema)

I had fun watching it.

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Apparently in many parts of the UK, homes that face each other at the rear are required to be built 21 metres apart, and you'll never guess the reason why this rule exists.


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a little secret about Stray (2022). many gamers have fallen in love with the cute animal from the videogame.. and can you blame them! who could resist! but did you know the game is based on real life? it turns out, cats are actually real!! get in touch with your local authorities to find the best locations to witness and touch cats

Did the EU cookies legislation change? I'm seeing a very convenient "Deny" button on most cookie prompts now and I like it!

King of Stonks on (Canadian?) Netflix is pretty good! Not sure if it’s on everywhere else. It’s weird how the German learned how to make comedy recently

Not gonna lie, I'm feeling this one! Nothing an Advil can't help with but still

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space then: "we come in peace, for all mankind"

space now: "you can be an indentured servant on mars! no, you won't get life insurance."

I said this on birdsite, but Annapurna is the best games publisher these days. Everything they release is a gem! Their curation is impeccable

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The hype for Stray is justified, what a beautiful game

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pets, food 

Our current pair of cats have *zero* interest in tuna.

Like I can open a can of tuna to make a sandwich, and *not a peep* through the entire process...

But drop one piece of dry chicken kibble on the floor? HECK YEAH GIMME THAT, MY FOOD DON'T GLOP IT BOUNCES

Way to break stereotypes, my darlings. :)

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print + eBook: $22.49
audio + liveBook: $24.49
eBook: $25.19


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I wanna see how far this poll can go, vote and then boost please! 🌐

How long have you been in the fediverse?

Comment if timeframe is not listed!

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OK here's how it works:
Han acquaintance says something that could be kind of fucked up about Uyghurs, etc.
Kaidi says "uh WTF?"

Choice A: I tell Kaidi "I'm sure she totally didn't mean it that way".

Choice B: I ask the person who said it "what exactly did you mean by that?".

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