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Idea: pronoun mod for video games, but instead of removing pronoun indicators for right-wing assholes, it just replaces every texture in the game with a random pronoun

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There was a time when people like me referred to content tagging as “folksonomy,” in case you were wondering how far up our own asses we used to be

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From MARCcold on birbsite:

"I do not want a smart home, I want a HOME OF FOOLS.

There's no point in my refrigerator getting ideas above its station.

Your job, refrigerator, is literally to chill. You are not a hopeful laptop waiting for its big break."

😂 😂

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I don’t like the disdain I see here and there for spreadsheets in design system communities I participate in. Spreadsheets are approachable for non-designers, won’t make you curve fit your solutions, and will definitely outlive your design system.

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Billionaires are impotent.

"They can fund lobbying groups and politicians...and buy midlife crisis toys like Twitter or weekend getaways on a space station, but their scope for effecting real change is actually tiny on a global scale."

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It's so fucked up that Gary Numan is older than Gary Oldman.

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If you can't explain something to a lay person, then either:

A/ You don't really understand it.
B/ They're an idiot.
C/ It's quantum physics.

When it's not C, try to assume it's A, but don't be afraid to call it B.

@okjigu cara, isso me lembra um festival que eu toquei em BH onde pintou um neonazi durante o set do D’Albergaria. Ele desceu do palco e a gente juntou no idiota

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The problem I have with the Internet today is that, in the 1980s, I thought (hoped) that massive access to a) personal computing and b) networking would be a force that (slowly, perhaps, but inevitably over time) made us all smarter and kinder.

Instead I fear that networked computing is making us all dumber and crueller. And the dumbing and the cruelling is accelerating.

That's maybe too simplistic an analysis: it probably always had the potential to do both, and it probably *is* doing both.

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OK, watching my YouTube subscriptions via RSS (web feeds) is something I never thought I'd want.

Now I can't live without it.

In @Thunderbird, the videos in my list auto-play when clicked. I can delete it (like an email) when I'm done or if I'm just not into it, and the next one auto-plays.

They're searchable, I can apply filters, I can make my OWN "playlists" by using subfolders, etc.


@killyourfm @amcooper Knowing about RSS feeds is becoming a secret superpower

@amcooper I like this nitter -> rss idea for shitposting accounts and heavy posters like e.g. Foone. I’ve been using instances to bring their posts to mastodon but this would cut down the noise

@ssoper I know, that’s the problem - and I agree it’s pretty much unfixable for now

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Watching the classic @startrek episode "Darmok" on my lunch break, where the Enterprise encounter a civilisation who communicate only in inpenetrable memes. Enterprise crew discuss how frustrating this is, then instruct a shuttle pilot to do "evasive manouever sequence delta"… an inpenetrable meme known only to Starfleet crew…

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The whole idea of social media as some town square to solve the worlds problems coming from both Musk and Dorsey is completely bizarre. When was the last time we resolved a societal issue or had an actual substantive global debate on Twitter that went well?

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