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The extent to which every @foone thread is:

Cats are pretty cool, really

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So yeah you probably don't want to keep a plastic bottle of Botulinum toxin inside a magnetic field on the dark side of the moon

continues to astound me

ADHD brain sometimes means hyperfocus on stupid things and oops it’s 2am

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If you don’t personally make sure you issue consequences for people who are gun nuts, whether directly in your life or online this will never ever end.

Have right-wing family, friends or even follow a YouTuber who’s into guns? Never interact with them again unless they change.

It’s literally on you, personally, to end this.

Not on any politician, not on some religious leader, it’s not someone else’s problem.

You alone can force assholes to change.

Would you look at that, at-will async! Code within a task.async block runs synchronously so you can do whatever you want without worrying about promises or (shudder) callbacks

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"No way to prevent this" says only nation where this regularly happens.

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@mos_8502 Casio released something like that in the 80s and I saw it in person. It kinda sucks to be honest but it’s an interesting idea that should be better executed


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html buttons exist, no script tag required, you can use them, you are allowed, your js can use them too

please do not reinvent buttons

@renata I'm waiting to see the COVID tally from my company's face-to-face event this week

ARM-based servers have been a thing for a while too - AWS is pushing them pretty hard. Performance-per-watt is ridiculously better and that matters a lot at scale


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First Apple abandons intel for ARM, and now this. Considering Linux already runs really well on ARM, the only thing left for Intel/AMD will be gaming PCs and consoles - and probably only for a little while.


Did my part to remove conservatives from power in Ontario. All we need now is for NDP and Liberals to announce they’ll work together instead of bickering.

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fantasy world in which you can do an arcane ritual to prolong your life, but don't so requires sacrificing a bit of yourself. specifically, a bit of your ambition, cruelty, and ruthlessness. all the oldest entities in the world just sit at home baking cookies and such

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> Microsoft will also reportedly help rebuild Ukraine’s digital industry.

Seriously, haven't they suffered enough?

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