Would you look at that, at-will async! Code within a task.async block runs synchronously so you can do whatever you want without worrying about promises or (shudder) callbacks

I knew I still had the box. Those are Canadian dollars by the way!

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And that's only search. Let's take a look at the livestream on Youtube...

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Does anybody actually buy Google's privacy and tracking claims in 2022?

Via @techwontsaveus@twitter.com / @ChelseaWolff@twitter.com

US politics 

So who wants to place a bet on how many abortions Matt Gaetz has personally paid for?

I added a quick and dirty RSS parser to my main site and ended up learning that browsers have a built-in XML parser!

I shouldn't be surprised given what HTML is, but it was news to me. It took only ~35 loc including HTML template

😙👌 *chef's kiss*


Hey, this actually works! There's a bot that mirrors twitter accounts automatically. Follow <twitter-account-here>@beta.birdsite.live and wait a few minutes

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