Polyend Play > OP-1 Field


Much cheaper too! If the Tracker is anything to go by, the build quality will be amazing and I’m here for this


Full disclosure, I have an OG OP-1 that I got back in the day for less than $1k - and that was a fair price for what it is. Yes, it’s a great machine but TE is known for being greedy. I also have an OP-Z and, yeah, that was a mistake.

I knew I still had the box. Those are Canadian dollars by the way!

@fabio I’m not a musician but my son has an OP-Z and loves it. My son used it on a few songs on this album by his friend- tidal.com/album/184194787

@CottonFields it’s not a bad synth, but the build quality problematic considering how much it costs

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