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Neat game on kickstarter taking to the monster catching genre, but with a different twist on interacting and changing your monsters you collect.(breed them or apply potions to change the ecology)

It's easy to see what we have now and forget that English characters have an interesting history to them.

Decided to investigate how my Tovola Smart Oven worked. Tried to use Wireshark to see what my phone sends to the oven, but found nothing. Doing some more reverse engineering showed that there was nothing because my phone never sends anything directly to the oven. Instead, it sends to a remote API server, which then relays to my oven. Gross.

So, I like blockchain technology and backed this product for it's ability to easily allow digital board game playing(without too much screen isolation), but I can't help but be confused by the choice of ethereum for data storage for RFID pieces, outside PR or gimicks. Hope a better example or explaination clears up the decision.

Cyan Worlds just announced their next game. Excited to see more about what they are building.

On paper, I think SVG is cool, but especially in web browsers, it's often way more frustrating in practice.

Made my first purchase of goods with Monero. It's always nice to use your cryptocurrencies for intended use.

Impressive there is already some decent level of work around Switch emulation. Will keep an eye on this.

Been playing some The Mummy:Demastered on my Switch. It's a good 2d shooter from Wayforward, but after recently playing Metroid: Samus Returns, 8 direction shooting just doesn't feel as interactive.

While it doesn't cover the whole spectrum of ways people interact with games, this was a neat read about how human psychology and games interact.

I've only played this a little so far, but it's been quite a fun experience and exciting to know the journey continues.
"THE 7th CONTINENT – What Goes Up, Must Come Down."

As someone who loves modular boards and adventures, this game seems like one I would enjoy. "The Island of El Dorado"

This game seems simple and fun for a creative crowd. You get to witness other people having to roleplay silly situations in order to convince others they were left some inheritence.

@deshipu no, privacy interest itself doesn't make it any easier, but that fact they've built thier own devices before is the experience I'm betting on helping them attempt to make a usable phone/mobile OS.

@deshipu Firefox phones were just all HTML apps(slow on cheap hardware) and they didn't care about hardware privacy as much. I'm hoping with the focus on native apps (based on Linux desktop codebases) and convergence, they won't stumble on the same problems others encountered aiming for a similar goal.

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