The Steam Deck will probably become available in February. A photo released by Valve shows units rolling out sporting KDE's Plasma desktop.

The #Fairphone 4 is our most #sustainable smartphone yet and comes with #5G speed, a 5-year warranty and is electronic waste neutral. That means, for every phone we sell, we reuse and recycle an equal amount of electronic waste. 💚
Check it out 👉 :

October Update:

Introducing the #PinePhonePro - $399

#PineNote and PinePhone Pro pre-orders are now open to developers & shipping this year!

#PineTime #InfiniTime major firmware progress & project management update

"Demonopolizing the Internet with Interoperability" - a good alternative to trying to anti-trust everything under the sun: #interop #internet #decentralization #communication #platform

Transforming OpenStreetMap into thick roads and intersections: an very nice post about creating assumptions on roads based on OSM #osm #maps #streets #intersections #geometry

@purism Does/will PureOS Store also read those AppStream values from Flatpak/Flathub apps?

Introducing SepiaSearch, our search engine to help you discover videos and channels on PeerTube!
We've worked hard to ensure that this engine respects your data, your attention and your freedoms. Learn more:

(Illus @davidrevoy )

Your Phone Is Your Castle

"If your home is your physical castle, your phone is your digital castle. More than any other computer, your phone has become the most personal of personal computers and holds the most sensitive digital property a person has..."

#privacy #freedom #security

With some work, mostly config tweaks and scaling, I got running on my . There's still more experience "papercuts" with scrolling and placement, but still really neat that it works.

@dos @purism Alright that did it. There are a few things a little small or too close to the screen edges, but otherwise works quite well with touch input.

@dos @purism On a separate note, now that I installed wesnoth from the repo, it doesn't seem to run. Was there anything config-wise needed like in the video?

@dos @purism weird, it wasn't showing up in gnome software but it is true it shows up running apt. Maybe something is missing there?

@purism Battle for Wesnoth was shown in the video, but isn't in the repos when I browse on my dogwood device. Was the clip from the video from source code?

@normandc @linmob The app is on flathub. Flathub autobuilds arm64, so once flatpak/flathub was set up it was easy to run on both Librem 5 and pinephone.

@linmob There is no camera app installed yet, and cheese gets upset, so I suspect that is still TODO.

@linmob battery life is okay, though I haven't used it like a daily driver yet. I haven't measured, but I've used it constantly for a few hours before needing to recharge. The app is for tracking vehicle maintenance and some maintenance reminders. An initial version is on flathub.

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