Dragon Quest XI spoiler 

My copy of Root just came today. Pretty excited to try it out before Gencon.

I've only played this a little so far, but it's been quite a fun experience and exciting to know the journey continues.
"THE 7th CONTINENT – What Goes Up, Must Come Down."
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As someone who loves modular boards and adventures, this game seems like one I would enjoy. "The Island of El Dorado"

This game seems simple and fun for a creative crowd. You get to witness other people having to roleplay silly situations in order to convince others they were left some inheritence.
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I saw this game at gencon and wish I got a chance to try it before I left. Seems it had promise as a fun game with cooperative stealth.
"Professor Evil"
funforge.fr/US/?portfolio=prof mastodon.technology/media/33hV

I like how Enchanters has a fairly simple combination mechanism at it's base, but each card is packed with ways it can be used in combination. Hope it plays as well as it looks like it does.
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