Ruihang Xu solves a 3x3 Rubik's cube one-handed in an average* of 10.11 seconds per solve:
* 5 solves, drop best and worst, take mean of remaining 3

Tommy Cherry breaks the World Cube Association's world record for the fastest blindfolded 3x3 average of 5 at 15.24 seconds:

Tommy Cherry breaks the World Cube Association's world record for the fastest 3x3 blindfolded single solve at 14.67 seconds:

Henry Reich explains how he determined that a video he was sent was fake, and how you can similarly identify falsehoods and forgeries:


Matt Whitman explains what we know about the biblical Magi who, according to Matthew's Gospel account, visited Jesus when he was a boy:

If you are looking forward to a future of self-driving cars, Cory Doctorow's "Car Wars" is an eye-opening, well-written short story about the /real/ ethical dilemmas with self-driving cars. It seems he has uploaded an audio version to the Internet Archive:


Matt Whitman and Aron Utecht discuss whether Mary (mother of Jesus) would have actually believed the statements in the song "Mary, Did You Know?":

Dr Mike Pound (assistant professor at the University of Nottingham) explains how a collection of 3D points on a surface can be used to digitally recreate that surface:


Matt of The Ten Minute Bible Hour explains a verse in the Bible about God's forgiveness (Psalm 103:12):

Max Park breaks the World Cube Association world record for the fastest 4x4 single solve with a time of 16.86 seconds:

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