TFW your university instructor gives a "30-minute" in-class activity that depending upon interpretation could be a whole term's worth of work, but then they also don't give enough time for teams to present results in that class or the class after, so you have a week to work on it.

Matt Parker explains how it is possible to cut a hole in an object so large that an identical object could fit through the hole:

Matt Parker discusses the physics (and therefore math) of diving to the Challenger Deep, the deepest known part of the ocean floor:

Dr Nemo explores a possible (though somewhat impractical) plastic-free replacement for sauce packets:

Destin of Smarter Every Day uses his supersonic baseball cannon to hit various objects with a baseball travelling 480 m/s:

Freelancers is a comedic webseries about a group of friends trying to make it as entrepreneur video producers. And the trailer for season 2 is now out:


Matt Whitman explains how Jesus may have used something similar to the Thatcher Effect in his Sermon on the Plain:

3Blue1Brown explains how Newton's method, though simple and practical, produces the infinite detail of Newton fractals:

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