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Mom (and kickass developer) meets eng hiring process ...

@dansup is the a way to configure crossposting from pixelfed to a masto instance?

Getting back on the toot train!! 🚂🚋🚃🛤

Finally caught up to 3 weeks worth of toots that I had pending 🙈
Never going this again 😕

Dear Facebook and all of your sub products; why did you have to change the default Safari View Controller with this gawd forsaken horrible custom webview that pops from the bottom!?
Can't swipe to dismiss in a quick gesture....

The next version of Mast will let you browse for and add GIFs. 🎉

Google lost control of several million of its IP addresses for more than an hour on Monday, with traffic misdirected to China Telecom


User: "I love apps!"

Dev: "Great, here's an app for $5!"

User: "Well I don't love apps *that* much..."

Dev: "Okay, here's an app for free with ads instead!"

User: "Ads are disgusting and immoral."

Dev: "Oh, uh, here's an app for free with in-app purchases and no ads!"

User: "In-App purchases are a cancer that's destroying the industry!"

Dev: "Well I'm out of ideas. No More app."

User: "Damn greedy devs stopped updating the app I paid for 5 years ago!"

If you enjoy using Mast, please consider leaving a positive review on the App Store to help with getting it out there. :)

@JPEG sorry to bother. Since the last 2 betas the position of the TL jumps to top every time I come back to the app.

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I've decided to make my book "Android for iOS Developers – Kotlin Edition 2018" freely available here akos.ma/books/Android_for_iOS_

Just purchased Mast!! Such a great application for Masto Don's ecosystem. Go check it out; but it and share some love sure @JPEG 's amazing app

@JPEG quick question. Just realized I'm still in the beta. Went to the app store to buy Mast but it thinks I already purchased it.

Any way to remove the beta. Buy the app store one and then go back to the beta without losing the settings?

No biggie if not. Just wondering 😊


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