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Anyone know if there’s a GitHub-like version that’s platform agnostic? Seems like a Good Thing to consider using...

I literally spent the entire evening exploring Markup for no particularly pressing reason, and all I managed to do was further entrench my current tangent for switching as well as my conundrum of being ensconced in Evernote even though it isn’t QUITE perfect for me (just the closest thing so far)... while piling on yet more apps to try just in case they are marginally closer albeit w the need to migrate added and feeling stupidly late to a party I may have been as well off ignorant of. Go me!

@eshton And also! What’s the “easy” way to remove all the random CRAP programs, etc., leave behind when I kick them off my system? Like I don’t create enough clutter randomly trying things?!

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So Messages on stopped supporting and ages ago, right? (Plus, I’ve never had either configured on my Mac, I’m pretty sure they weren’t supported when it was made, and yes, my system is UTD.) So... will someone please riddle me why I found references to both inside a Messages folder while digging around my HD?!


Also, I tried really hard—and failed similarly—to get OpenJDK running on my Mac. I broke down and installed the Oracle version of it and JRE to get some IDE plugins working, but I’d REALLY prefer the OS versions if there’s anyone willing to help me sort it.

I’m so freaking glad I’m off tomorrow. Now I just gotta make it thru my shift without killing the kid “working” w me or screaming at random customers. Even if they deserve it.

I’m stoked that I’m surrounded on here by people who make my “skills” look like Luddite-icity. “Stupid” questions follow in 3...2....

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