Although I've met and worked with many good and ethical programmers it's hard to see the industry as a whole as much more than a bunch of well-paid brats who have been conditioned to believe that everything we are doing is bringing about utopia. Just little Oppenheimers

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I read this thread and can't understand how the lead dev of Mastodon is contributing to this project, without apparent social consequence.

How shitty 4g was back then, and 3g was enough! Now imagine if as much better as 4g got, solar got in that time instead. Really makes you think!

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I can remember when commercials depicted 4g as a LIGHTNING BOLT striking your phone while in use and apple refused to add it because it was bad for battery. I said ok, just give me decent 3g so I can listen to my favorite songs, and let’s get to work on solar!

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Imagine if they just stopped at 3g phones and 1080p TVs and everyone started working on solar power or something. I think we would have been none the wiser

@purism I am a subscriber/member with a sensitive technical issue. How can I contact support?

On the other site i mostly clicked 'recycle' and 'heart' rather than talking myself which makes this place feel kind of weird

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