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Update Tuesday: friendly reminder to update your devices 📲

Once again, I went and had to increase the text size on my phone 🥲

Happy birthday Earth 🎉 we survived another year

I'm that person that says "I haven't _____ since last year" 🤣

My sister got my mom an air fryer for Christmas and I've been using it... Wow 😳

The Hispanic in me took 2 hours to finally find a novella I've been wanting to watch for the longest time 😅

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Merry Christmas everyone! 🎅

After the traditional gift exchanging/opening in the morning, we decided on a Christmas Day hike around Malhamdale in the Yorkshire Dales.

It was epic. LOADS more photos are available here -> 👍

#landscape #nature #travel #winter #yorkshiredales #uk #britain #england #photography #photo #photographie

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Nothing but tamales from today until New Year's but, I'm not complaining. 😋🇬🇹

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The Log4Shell zeroday 4 days on. What is it and how bad is it really? - Enlarge (credit: Getty Images / Bill Hinton)

Log4Shell is the ... - #vulnerabilities #log4shell #biz&it #log4j

Getting up in the morning and wondering if I really need to work today 🥲

Why am I not sleeping when I have to be up at 7am 🥲

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New vindictus character coming out next month means I'm grinding vindictus next month for sure lol 😅

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