Back on a commission craze, I look like a character on a shojo manga. It's amazing! 😆

I had a chibi art of myself commissioned and honestly I'm loving it! 😁 (artist is bunny_gumm on birdsite and Instagram!)

Looks like yours truly was affect by the T-Mobile data breach. 🙃

Watching the USA win the against Mexico was the highlight of my night!

I FINALLY got my favorite waifu after 2 years of playing Azur Lane 🥲

sailor mars in a face mask has been my mood and theme for the last year

Starting to get into riding my bike to get my lazy butt moving...first ride was around my street 🚴🏻‍♂️

5G deployment has been getting really good in my area! Got these speeds yesterday.

Can't sleep so I'm comparing portrait mode between my iPhone 12 Pro Max (1st pic) & my Pixel 5 (2nd pic).

In light of the crazy day that was today, I want to wish a Feliz Día de Reyes to my fellow Latin American peeps! Here's to the end of the holiday season and my nacimiento de barro from Guatemala.

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