Join @CubicleNate and I for our new podcast, DLN Xtend. We look back at this week's shows, expanding on the topics covered as part of the Ask Noah Show, @dasgeek, @DestinationLinux, @ThisWeekinLinux, @TuxDigital and @Linux4Everyone

I've had some people ask me to create a video on my experience running Linux on a Dell XPS 15 9570. Here is my take on using it for the past 8 months. In short, it's a great system and I've enjoyed using it but it has presented a few challenges.

I'll be streaming a follow-up to the LibreOffice Calc session with Serge tomorrow, Sunday 10/13 @ 10:30 AM EDT (12:30 PM GMT) where he takes us through features like charts, pivot tables and database functions. He'll also take questions from chat. Hope to see you there.

Today is the second Saturday of the month. That means a double dose of @BigDaddyLinux Live. 3 PM EDT (7 PM GMT) and 8 PM EDT (12 AM GMT).

I had an issue recently where I ran out of memory and almost lost quite a bit of work. This happened because I had too little swap space available. I haven't thought about it in quite a while so I did some research and thought I'd share some thoughts.

Join Serge and I at 12:30 Eastern to explore some of the features and capabilities of @libreoffice Calc. We will cover sort, filters, conditional formatting, database functions, charts and pivot tables.

Latte Dock is a KDE Plasma dock and panel system which lets you customize your panels in some very interesting and useful ways. It takes a few steps to get installed but isn't too difficult and definitely worth checking out.

I created what I hope to be a good resource for people wanting to try Linux but worried about damaging their existing system. This gives them a safe way to test and maybe decide they want to take the next step. I'm still pretty new at this so I welcome feedback on how to improve these kinds of videos. Thanks for checking it out!

@gnome 3.34 hit the Arch Extra repo. Time to go try it out. Exactly how I like to spend my Friday evening. 👍

Eric Adams
I'll be spending some time covering some perhaps lesser known Linux distributions. One of these is GeckoLinux, a spin based on the @opensuse distribution, with a focus on polish and out-of-the-box usability on the desktop.

I had a simple task to complete with some audio files and didn't want to have to repeat the process multiple times. Fortunately, Audacity makes this easy. Here's a quick video showing how to use Audacity macros to easily apply effects to multiple files.

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Destination Linux 137 - Emma Marshall of System76, Microsoft exFAT, Pinebook Pro, Proton Gamepads

on DL137 - An interview with Emma Marshall of #System76

#Microsoft Brings exFAT to Linux
#Pinebook Pro Available Now
Gamepad Support Comes To #Linux In Steam Proton
Software Spotlight and Tips & Tricks

#linux #podcasts #mozilla

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Destination Linux 136 - Raspberry Pi, System76 Firmware Tool, OBS, IBM Open-Source POWER, EVERSPACE

#Raspberry Pi Now Runs Scratch 3
#System76 Launches GUI Firmware Updater
#OBS Studio 24 Release Candidate Features
#IBM Announces New Contributions To Open Source
#Mozilla & #Google Protect Users
#EVERSPACE 2 Coming To #Linux

#Linux #podcasts #Mozilla

This is week two of the @BigDaddyLinux Regolith challenge. Thought I'd compare of it to the default ArchBang, @ArchLabsLinux and @manjarolinux i3 desktops tonight at 7 PM Eastern. Also hope to have some chat participants who can share their thoughts.

Can't get enough of the Cinnamon desktop environment? Me neither! This time I take a look at installing Cinnamon on @opensuse which, thanks to their one-click YAST installer, is surprisingly easy.

I continue my quest to try the Cinnamon desktop environment on different distros. This time it's on Arch Linux using the Archfi and archdi installation scripts. The video covers install and config as well as adding essential software.

Join me tomorrow, August 23 at 2:30 Eastern for a special stream where I'll be installing Slackware Linux with the help of Serge. You may have seen him do this with others like @zebedeeboss installing @gentoo.

Join me tonight at 8 PM EDT as I continue with Regolith Linux
- navigating the i3 desktop and editing the configuration file. This is the current @BigDaddyLinux Distro Challenge so hopefully this helps people acclimate and test it out. See you there!

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It's time for us to give back -- not just to our community, but to those less privileged.

Read about it in our new blog post:

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