After freeing my Android from most of the proprietary stuff I felt comfortable enough to put my #GPG key on my phone. Finally being able to read & answer encrypted mail feels awesome. Thanks #k9mail and #OpenKeychain!

Hum.. I still don't feel comfortable enough to put the private key on a mobile phone, even if LineageOS'ed and F-Droid'ed.
I have *a* private key for Delta-Chat, but not *the* private key for real things, which sucks, but.. no, I don't trust it.

@erAck I can completely understand it. For me it was also a long process until I decided to finally do it. At the end I thought this are quite good arguments. Finally I come to the conclusion that as long as I'm not target the key is not notable less secure on my free Android than on my Laptop, if I'm target I have lost in both cases.

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