I think a lot of Americans equate Fascism with Totalitarianism. Fascism is the laziest form of government there is, though. You don't need to go fully totalitarian to just be an autocratic grifter.

brain: i wanna play factorio
body: oh no, motherfucker, i will shut your ass down
brain: but the factory must grow
body: you are getting sleepy
brain: i'm out of copper
body: *turns brain to mush*
brain: what is this clicky thing

Whatever your do, do NOT enable "Google Prompts" on your phone for 2FA. It is a flawed security system and you can't remove it. It is too easy to accidentally let someone else recover your account. Avoid like plague. And I repeat, once enabled YOU CANNOT REMOVE IT.

did a buncha raspberry pi stuff this weekend. already had it running pihole, but added in a hostapd-based wifi access point. eventually i'll be able to route traffic over a VPN

Anyway today I learned that only some monads are burritos. Some of them are kinda like state machines, some of them just sort of do stuff. Just cos they all obey the same three laws doesn't mean they have to hold any data per se.

not gonna lie, my instagram is mostly pictures of the sky, birds and bread

Also not to "toot" my own horn too much here but do me a solid and download this free and fun puzzle game HexT. I came up with the original concept and a mate turned it into a mobile game and made it fabulous. Android: play.google.com/store/apps/det - iPhone: apps.apple.com/us/app/hext-add

Somebody wrote a clone of the old JT's Blocks that used to be on Yahoo Games. If you like things like 2048 or Tetris or Hext you'll probably like this. kobash.com/portfolio/games/jt/

So I've been using a Raspberry Pi with to blackhole ads with DNS. It's pretty great, especially when you enable DHCP so users don't have to stuff around to use it. The next frontier: use it as a WAP sending everything though a VPN.

We hold this truth to be self-evident: Moving always sucks.

We hold this truth to be self-evident: Moving always sucks.

Pawing listlessly at his plate of leathery meatloaf, he looked at his surroundings once more. His mark couldn't be here yet. A young family sat directly behind him, two kittens of nine or so fighting and bumping the back of his set. A frail old cat in tartan slacks doddered about near the broccoli display.

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Words failed him. He'd been out of work and out of hope for quite some time. After she introduced herself, he managed to do the same. "So, about this job?" he then asked. "Yeah, it's kind of unfortunate," she said, and they fell to talking.

3 days later he was sitting in a booth at the Gullet Stuffer, a utilitarian canteen known for unlimited refills and health code violations. The food, while not actually vile, certainly dissuaded the casual visitor from a repeat visit, leaving only the sad and dedicated.

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Herring had been between gigs, going about his usual alley business around a cold midnight, when out of the steam pranced a lean figure in a tan suede overcoat. Looks like money, he thought. Her eyes glanced up and down the lane, and turned to him as she said "I got a job for you."

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Ernest Herring was the latest in a long line of cat detectives to supply his services to the Winsford Detective Agency. His predecessor, an irritable Manx named Corduroy, had disappeared under suspicious circumstances while investigating the disappearance of a considerable amount of saffron from one of the three restaurants in town. The agency's proprietor, one Shella Winsford, not being the kind of cat to resort to work for money, immediately sought a replacement.

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