We've only got 19 years left to patch all those 32-bit devices before the Unix End Of Time.

I helped fix a lot of Y2K stuff. This time round, there's no way we're gonna catch everything. No way.

I need to make sure I'm dead before then or well enough to not go anywhere NEAR any kind of medical facility.

One doctor I went to is still using Windows XP and wanted to know why I thought they didn't need my social security number.

Those $300,000 MRI and X-Ray machines aren't getting patched, but are online..

@equal @rick_777 Optimistically we could have teams of hackers going around patching stuff for the greater good.

@equal I had no clue just how dire this situation is. I'd always believed there would be "that one system still using 32-bit time_t"

Given the stubborn avoidance of touching anything that "works now," I'm sure health care will be one industry amongst many that's prolonging a problem that may have already been fixed.

@yakkoj @equal I work at a hospital research lab. We have 1 Win XP computer in my lab connected to specialized equipment, but this computer is strictly offline for safety reasons. The reason it's using Windows XP are twofold: (1) the manufacturer didn't update the software so it isn't officially compatible with anything past Windows XP, and (2) it's apparently really hard to use research grant money to buy computers. Everyone thinks it's someone else's job to pay for computers. Really annoying.

@yakkoj @equal At my old lab, we had the same issue until the Windows XP computer died. I told my boss about Window's compatibility mode for old software, but they didn't believe it would work. I proved it did before they could buy another Windows XP. More people need to learn about compatibility mode. Just right-click the program, "Properties", and "Compatibility" tab. It usually works very well in my experience. #oldtech #oldsoftware

@equal imagine the magnitude of the "oh shit" contract deals going around in 18.5 years though...

@equal @grainloom don't worry some jackass will upload a compromised npm package that fixes everything just a few hours before the deadline

@June @grainloom oh god, this implies javascript will be even more places than it is now. brb going to buy hundreds of cans of food

@equal why would anyone directly connect something with the destructive power of an MRI machine to the internet

@equal oh wait sorry I forgot I live in the real world where apparently "smart ovens" are a thing

@equal To be completely fair to the hypothetical doctor with the Windows XP X-ray machine, assuming that's the only computerized component he has to deal with, he will not be affected by this problem. General IoT problems, sure, but no time bugs to speak of. I'm far more worried about small embedded computers running crap like Venix, QNX4 (does it use 32bit time_t?) and old versions of Linux.

@alice agreed, these embedded fun ones are kinda the systems i had in mind when thinking we're not gonna catch 'em all. the little stuff that's just EVERYWHERE. cars, elevators, secondhand warehouse equipment. stuff that people aren't upgrading (which is what bought my doctor to mind) .i think it'll affect smaller economies more than big ones.

@equal I will be dead long before the end of the unix epoch.
If not, it will be such a miracle that it will be worth hanging around for! :-)
I will fly across the pond and visit Suffolk!

@gemlog heh, sounds like the kind of thing a baby boomer would say as they say "global warming? not my problem! i'm going on a cruise!" ;-)

@equal Hard to believe it's been 19 years since the first go round really.
The media did a marvelous job terrifying normal ppl.
And I'm in no position today to do anything about the unix epoch than I was back then for the y2k problem.

@equal there are MRIs which are online? or online as in powered on?

@ng0 they are definitely connected to networks and send images somewhere.

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