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Use Signal. It's good. We use it for text and phone and video calls with family which is great cos it works all over the world regardless of what SIM card I've got in. Plus privacy and encryption and all tat good shit but it's such a no-brainer to use even my boomer relos can handle it.

and the one were they perform Without You I'm Nothing, as a duet with David Bowie? Just scrape my soul off the gravel and bury it.

god, fucking Placebo:

"i'm unclean, a libertine
and every time you vent your spleen
i seem to lose the power of speech
you're slipping slowly from my reach
you grow me like an evergreen
you never see the lonely me at all"

crushing, every single time

achievement unlocked: wanting to transform JSON into CSV so i can diff it without going insane

You’d never guess that this charming library room sites atop a septuagenarian burlesque bar but Atlanta is full of surprises. Also the food is very good.

Should probably just give up and pay way more taxes than I need to just do I can’t get my stupid impulsive hands on my money

Found some earbuds! I am saved. Throwing in the biggest walls of sound I can find: Curve, Devin Townsend, Slowdive, Rammstein. Music saves my life again.

Kill me. Stuck on a shuttle bus with a couple of pontificating boomers behind me and I can’t find the adapter for my headphones. Here they go with the “people don’t know how to work hard any more” and IN THE VERY NEXT BREATH talking about their kids trust funds. Fuck you. Just fuck you.

I just drove past a store with the incredible and mysterious name “House of Items”

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