Crop circles in the carpet
Doc Martens on the trampoline
Voids in the Angel Box
Salamanders under the conference table

dear lazywebs - looking for a function which'll turn a list of directory names into a traversable tree. oh never mind just naming that made a 3-line solution pop into my head. carry on!

I'm dead because you can't live without tea, and you can't have tea without biscuits, and there are no biscuits, and it's all just wrong

I watch the video for that and think, jesus, I don't know what happened to you, Sir, but I believe you 100%.

Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' _Hurt_ is, like Cash himself (obviously), one of the greatest.

seriously why do we have to file tax returns? most of the time there's nothing unusual and they already have all the data and money. it makes sense if there's changes that are needed but mostly? waste of time.

Seriously, how much more bad would the prez have to get before white evangelicals dropped him? Ffs.

The future will sound like:
"Dad! What's for dinner?"
"Triangles! Who wants triangles?"
"Aw but Dad we had triangles yesterday! I'm sick of triangles."
"Well get ready kid because today you're getting heptagons and Assorted Random BIts!"

So, dinner was tofu cut into triangles and cooked on the corrugated foreman grill, on top of spiralized zucchini and topped with a freshly made avocado/cilantro/sourcream/lime sauce. Tasty enough, very healthy, environmentally responsible and all that... but... I'm still hungry.

Maybe I should just eat another avocado.

life pro tip: move to another country and have gift non-proliferation treaties with your family

If you haven't seen this version of New Order's song Blue Monday, performed by Orkestra Obsolete using 1930s instruments, you're in for a treat.

it's pretty cool that so many trans folk are big on mastodon

and in a big country
dreams stay with you
like a lover poised
on a mountain side

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