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Ben H

Save the movie "Annihilation" last night. It was excellent, disturbing, unnerving, and one of the weirdest things I've seen in ages. Very Cronenberg meets Lovecraft meets Kafka meets... something existential questioning the meaning of being. Absolutely stunning to look at. What I'm saying is go see this on a big screen while you can.

what if there was a game whose central theme was freeing minds from religious indoctrination

Front End Loader gets points for calling one of their albums THE LAST OF THE V8 INTERCEPTORS. That is one hell of a reference to the original very first Mad Max movie, which was only very slightly over the edge toward dystopia. Things looked more or less the same, but motorcycle gangs ruled the roads and the police were closeted leather daddies. :shrug:

Yes but WHY are they Making Plans For Nigel? Doesn't he get a say in this?

OK holy shit this 2016 Bananarama song is BONKERS good. 2016! It's like borderline trance. Good fat bass. I really like it!

apple's cable price gouging shits me up the wall

The only thing I really miss about working in downtown San Francisco is Muracci's, the Japanese curry place. It is SO GOOD. Their curry schnitzel is to die for.

Got a Lyft back from the doctor and managed to steer the conversation onto Korean BBQ after being asked "so, you think we evolved from monkeys? well why are there still monkeys?" :facepalm:
I'm like dude believe what you want, i respect that, but I've had no coffee, let's talk about food.
(Actually I don't respect that in the slightest. You believe in many other kinds of science less directly observable than evolution, so... if you think science is crap, please hand in your cell phone).

i feel that the command line interfaces for let's encrypt and certbot are unnecessarily obtuse. i want to do the simplest thing, and they just get in the way.

Paint Shop Pro: PSP.EXE

I *still* can't stop laughing at this neural-network generated Coachella lineup poster from

and we're onto the swirly girly goth music: cranes, cocteau twins, curve

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"The term “currying” has nothing at all to do with the delicious foodstuff. Instead, it’s named after the mathematician Haskell Curry, who rediscovered a technique devised by another mathematician named Moses Schönfinkel. While Haskell Curry certainly contributed heaps to computer science, I think we’ve missed a fun opportunity to have a useful programming technique called schönfinkeling."

could bloody murder a spag bol, but this is rarely not true

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Today I learned about monkey-patching in Ruby. I swear, every time I look up weird language features with weird names, the first thing out of my mouth "oh, I get it, javascript already does that." I'm starting to understand why js is "lisp in a c suit".

it's a thrill kill kult kinda day

mac pfctl port forwarding... for when you want to test port 80 or 443 on localhost without running as root

holy crap, dogs' panic boners are awkward.

there's your new punk band name