learned a new fishing knot at lunchtime, the FG knot.... hopefully it'll stop me from losing my leaders like i did this morning... god damn it fishing can be frustrating

It was the bloat that did him in, during The Great War. With his trenchmates falling one by one to malnutrition, enemy fire, and cholera, Lt. Reginald P. Toppington of the 3rd regimented division found himself wondering if he would ever return to his home of Boggsworth-on-Trent, to his unrequited love interest Petunia whom he hadn't seen since they were both 13, or his dear auld Ma. The bloody Hun has us surrounded, he thought, gnawing the last of his unfortunately tainted rations.

What's on my mind? A stuffed toy warthog climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge...

Some of the crap I wrote on StackOverflow in 2009 is not total garbage. Crikey... I was still working at eHarmony back then. Doin' stuff in Hadoop and talkin' at conferences and shit. Seems a lifetime ago.

* murmur3 is a great hashing algo and really fast for how good it is
* i somehow forgot java has an >>> bitwise operator
* went fishing last night but only got a baby flathead, put him back

if your sorting is slow in PostgreSQL then increase your work_mem config. It's something ridiculous like 4MB by default, good luck sorting anything big in that.

they say 23 is weird but nobody's talking about 19. EVER. it's like a stealth number. nobody uses it for anything good, ever.

achievement unlocked: i created a song! soundcloud.com/user-22699965/n
Have never let music escape my head before. Obviously amateur hour but I had fun.

how good is adhd. i'm sick as a dog and all i can think about is fishing.

Singing lesson pretty rough today with a bad cold, but at least I got some fishing in. Looks like I’m making laksa not kingfish as hoped.

woohoo. finally got sick. doesn't appear to be covid though, apparently colds are making a comeback in Sydney. funny how that happens once the masks are off.

bitbucket is good
* unlimited free private repos
* easy build pipelines
* tight JIRA integration
* straightforward secrets
I set up a brand new project to build a Java 17 based project and sign and publish the artifacts to Maven Central pretty easily. The only tricky bit was getting the GPG signing working, as I could not figure out how to have the imported key persist between build steps at 11:30pm. The secrets management was pleasant.
My command line parser will live here.

It’s been raining an insane amount the last 6 months, record flooding, dams overflowing, entire towns being washed away, and my quarterly water costs is… *checks bill* $230. For 3 months of water. Sydney water better be saving this shit up somewhere for the next time El Niño scorches, burns and bakes us to death for 6 years. Because that’s ridiculous. That’s almost what I pay in petrol!

What flavour is it?
It’s not any flavour, it’s an albatross.
But it must have some flavour.
Alright it’s bloody albatross flavour. It’s bleedin’ seabird bleedin’ flavour innit? Albatross!
Does it come with wafers?

"Published the source code to a variant of the NVIDIA Linux kernel modules dual-licensed as MIT/GPLv2"


Not yet available it seems, but sounds like good news!


“Imagine if people did get promoted for fixing bugs instead of building a new product (to be abandoned)! Or if maintaining an existing system was somehow on par with building a new system (which is just a bigger more complicated version of something perfectly good).” mjtsai.com/blog/2022/05/11/pro

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