somebody once asked me what like liked about scala and i went on and on about case classes and traits and pattern matching and completely forgot about for-comprehensions and map/flatMap/filter chains etc lol. They're probably going to just use Kotlin now

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I’m at breakfast at Space Camp chatting with a gentleman who worked on the testing of the Saturn V rockets that took humans to the moon! And also on the Chandra X-ray space telescope!

And with the stroke of a pen the Dunce declares himself King.

A Scala equivalent to ClojureScript would be good. I suppose one could make a Scala->TypeScript cross-compiler for that.

I guess it's pointless for me to post things here about stuff I want to sell as I'm probably the only person in this one-horse town on Mastodon

confession time: i do not understand "serverless" architecture yet, so that's probably why i think the name is silly.

latest firefox did a plugin suggestion at me and I'm like SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

today was a friggin' DAY and a half. so many simultaneous difficult problems.

yeah so i ate fried chicken and all the joy and shame that go with it

I find this video good for cutting through the gloom sometimes. Probably watch it a couple of times a year.

A little dose of L.A. love and some really fun dancing. It's better than that sounds.

Parasitic man
His prattle hits broken ground
Scars speak forever

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git checkout is really two separate commands, one for switching branches and one for abandoning/grabbing changes to files. Its name is also ambiguous wrt clone. I reckon it should be split into new commands “switch” and “grab”.

what if i told you, you can't use reflection to find this implementation at runtime?

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