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Sir, getting work emails at the rate of more than one per second while on vacation it’s kind of fun

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Wow. This is amazing. Linus recognizes his lack of empathy, apologizes for his behavior, and vows to be better. This is huge not only for the Linux Kernel community but for the all of open source. I hope this has a positive impact on all open source communities.

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If you work with remote colleagues: check up on them semi-regularly.

It's easy to fall into a pattern of feeling that your work isn't helping anyone, or providing value.

Listening to that senile narcissist's circuitous rambling nonsense hurts my head so much that I want to hurl things.

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kinda upset that I didn't know you could do filename completion in vim with ^X^F

I've been opening the directory listing in a separate pane and yanking/pasting filenames like some rank grade schooler this whole time

but I can't stay mad at you vim 😘

god damn it i can't help liking that song

The biggest selling single of all time in Australia is... Show more

If you like 80s post-punk goodness, bossa nova and breathy French girls then you're gonna love this:
Nouvelle Vague - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Their cover of Marian is also good

the lighting model in this program has a bug: ambient doesn't work yet. hence the death shadows.

rendering weird looking things so that you don't have to

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I got used to combine "top" with "grep" to take a glimpse at cpu loads and stuck applications within my terminal. Yesterday a good friend of mine introduced me to "htop" which not only renders load graphs, but also lets you use hotkeys to sort your processes and also allows tree groupings. For most of my usecases it's way more convenient than using "grep". Take a look:

Can't get my masto instance to send emails, even though mailgun is happy with it. something about a session_activations table being absent. running migrations didn't seem to help.

was sawing and sanding stuff in the yard so of course it starts raining

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Tools I don't miss working with:

tar as a package manager.

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current music: "COG" by Velvet Acid Christ with Snog

one more blab before i end my lunch break - if you have any interest in graphics programming whatsoever, check this out

Someone once asked me, "you live in Sydney. Why on earth would you want to talk to people in Iowa?" I didn't know how to explain network effects at the time.