It just feels overall faster, especially on Google sites.
There are some extensions I use that only exist for Chrome.
As a developer I still prefer Chrome, although by a small margin.

From Chrome to Firefox and back to Chrome again

@AskChip Thing is, systemd doesn't consider bash as default interpreter for script files, which makes sense, but in a concrete situation is a pain to debug

@AskChip I wrote the script, it's simple, 4 lines. It works perfectly fine without #!/bin/sh when started manually, but systemd won't execute it.

When you write bash script to serve as startup script for systemd, dont forget #!/bin/sh at 1. line of script
Debugging why systemd won't execute it is frustrating experience 😩

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PSA: you should install uBlock Origin on all your browsers if you haven't, to accelerate the collapse of the adtech surveillance economy. The Power Is Yours ™

"We identified and terminated a number of accounts..."

39 YouTube channels
6 blogs on Blogger
13 Google+ accounts

There is something deeply unsettling with contemporary democratic society and its relation to technology if several dozen social accounts are considered a threat


< 4000 lines of code, minimal attack surface, modern crypto. Although still in early beta, many consider it even now safer bet than decades old VPN solutions.
Beauty exists in software world 😄

I always thought I must be missing something profound on why all current mainstream VPN solutions (OpenVPN, IPsec...) must be so painfully complicated. Then I tried . Simple, configurable, modern, clean, fast. Basically, all you need to know to be productive can be learnt in less than a day. Setup with single, small config file, usually several lines long, clean and readable.

For a quick mental refresh, there is nothing like a game of

is heavily underrated technology
it is a life saver for administering huge enterprise windows network

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Let's Encrypt is the best thing to happen to the Internet since Wikipedia was founded. Not only for giving us free certificates, but also for developing a protocol to handle certificate renewals.

Thank you! ❤️
Let’s Encrypt is now directly trusted by all major root programs: letsencrypt.org/2018/08/06/tru

@Basix Same dilemma here, recently. I chose nginx and didn't look back.

Mixed opinion on . Language is beautiful, but from time to time, when you want smth. a little bit unordinary, you have to deal with dinosaur.

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