blah blah security blah blah not everyone's a programmer

yes I know, but I believe lots of people can (with great effort) do a really simple silly programming thing, and they should 𝗯𝗲 𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗮𝗴𝗲𝗱 𝘁𝗼!

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All people (yes “users”) should be told that they can control their computer, that they can hack on things. Acting like it's only possible for some elite priesthood is harmful...

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The “About” page for #GNOME Shell Extensions doesn't have a “Here's how you can create your own extension” link... 😞

oh damn I didn't realize the Tor Project are rewriting their codebase from the ground up in Rust, need to figure out how to subscribe to updates on that

I can see the benefits of people being able to edit their posts for typos etc but the potential for abuse is obvious. @Gargron and co have thought of this ...

> The original and previous versions of the posts are saved and remain accessible through a history view. And people who have previously shared the post get notified about any edits, so they can un-share if there’s foul play.

... but all this creates a burden of auditing work that will be carried disproportionately by responsible users.

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European Commission is on !

You can now read and engage with news and information about 🇪🇺 policies in a privacy-focused environment.

🇪🇺 ♥️ :mastodon: @EU_Commission

I have been investigating tiling patterns that can be generated using the system I am studying. This image is based on 8 fold rotational symmetry.

President Biden wants Congress to expedite visas for Russian scientists eager to leave their country in the midst of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine

We'll start with a basic overview of the business.

Twitter is a company that stages cockfights in the public square. It makes money in two ways: by showing ads to people who attend the cockfights, and selling information about the people who attend the cockfights to others.

If they did this in the backwoods somewhere it would be completely unremarkable, but Twitter does it on the Internet, which makes them a Tech Company™.

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Asahi Linux looks very promising. You can dual boot it (you should, since macOS is still needed to update the firmware) on MacBook while retaining most of the boot security model.

They just released their public alpha:

M1 is good at the point that CPU rendering almost makes us forget GPU acceleration is not supported yet.

So, I just learned something new. The #fediverse is not just connected #mastodon instances, but actually consists of several different software platforms, all connecting via the same federating protocol! I had seen references to things like #peertube and #nextcloud, but assumed they were different platforms running on different protocols, but it turns out they're all part of the same fediverse, unified by #ActivityPub. Amazing!


Anyone have a reference for the change in the number of companies committing to responsible/trustworthy/ethical AI principles over time?

#TrustworthyAI #EthicalAI #ResponsibleAI #Principles #research #CorporatePolicy

war in Ukraine, depol 

I'm kind of angry that people want to stop supporting Ukraine with arms. If you do it, stop buying fossils first. Signing any peace at any terms is just a hypocrisy for their own well-being. Would you ask for peace at any cost if you got misplaced? I don't fucking think so.

Since can't give MiGs to , will.

The old Slovakian MiG-29s will be given to and Poland will commit to protecting Slovakian airspace until the new ordered F-16s arrive.

My fave part of the current flurry of fediverse activity is watching all my fellow early adopter instance admins geek out at the fact that so much of the general public seems to finally be *getting* it.

Gah. "please enter your nine digit member number" is a fucking joke. I don't have that info on paper, I have it in a text file on my phone. A text file I can't look at while seeing the phone keypad!

why are apple's arm processors so powerful 

they skipped leg day

@jonny I agree that the problem with the datafarming algorithms of corporate social media is their proprietary nature and anti-social design goals (eg increase addictiveness). I'm not aware of any projects to create user-serving algorithms for the fediverse but I'd love to experiment with some.

#fediverse #algorithms

it seems like the real problem is opaque algorithms written to control and manipulate us for profit, rather than algorithms as such, and I think DIY algorithms would be a *major* way we could compete with corporate platforms -- they will never let you do this because their algorithm is the core of their business, but on fedi with like 20 lines of python you can make it do whatever you want, that's freedom baby!

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