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It should be, at least for 1-1 calls, not sure about group calls. I would go for Wire, at least until EARN IT act passes. After that, self-hosted Jitsi or Nextcloud Talk

@amolith I have Tolino shine, and it's possible. Though it's not recommended to use it for pdf files. IMO, tablet is still better for those.

Wire is still working on decentralized (self-hosted) option. Though their target aren't private users, but business customers. So it will be possible to keep all your data outside US

No, it was this

Also, non-US Wire users are under Swiss laws. All Signal users are under US laws. So, we need to wait and see if there will be some other changes for private users, current situation is still quite good for them

Signal is LLC, funded by non-profit foundation. They are not opened towards community (don't allow 3rd party clients, no f-droid version), have compromised on security, and in the end, you have to trust them. Same as Wire. Only less metadata (if you trust they deployed the same server code as one on github) and less features.

To be clear, I use both apps, but trust no one

What to do when Signal is not an option? It's also US company, ignoring their users and lacks many useful featureds

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p2p has some other flaws. IMO, federated services (Matrix, XMPP...) could have best from both worlds, withouth their downsides. I doub't XMPP will ever be that good, but Matrix (Riot) might be

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The reason they desisted Wire is not because of US ownership. It's because loss of trust, since Wire wasn't opened to private customers during all these changes. If you are ok with that, feel free to use it. For me, it is still better than Signal or Kebayse or any other service

Same happend to me recently. Probably because of my Firefox setup. I did the same thing :)

Cause it's fine. I had Sony walkman, some phones, etc. but never cameras. Nothing from Apple, and only cheap phones which don't worth more than €20 at the time their battery is useless ;)

The people who need encryption shouldn't use email for communication :)
I swtched from "free" megacorp service to paid mailbox.org account only because I don't like the fact my mail provider is selling my data

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Do you use a password manager?

Please boost for more reach. #India #security

Easy when you realize only Ubuntu (Gnome) and openSUSE (KDE) are worth using 😃

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IMHO, we don't need 100% privacy focused phone. We only need one without mass surveillance OS & apps ecosystem. Too bad Ubuntu didn't succeed. But whatever we have (Librem 5, PinePhone, Necunos...) is better than the alternative (Android, iPhone, KaiOS phones...)

@patchman@social.linux.pizza @joel
I think Ecosia is not so great when it comes to privacy. They "only" care about environment ;)



It seems that Startpage will still be independent when it comes to its business strategy, so there will be no change in privacy policy. IMHO, it can still recommended search engine

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Nextcloud's E2EE is still in alpha/beta phase. The only similar open source service is Least Authority (Tahoe-LAFS). Seafile CE is FOSS, but its E2EE is not so good. Closed source options are also pCloud and Sync, but Tresorit is better IMHO.

Cryptomator + whatever might be an option

If you need only backup, Duplicati makes encrpyted backups, so you can use any cloud provider

Until Nextcloud's E2EE is good enough, I'll use Tresorit :|

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