@laufi at least I'll stop wondering whether to use Wire or Signal...

What to do when Signal is not an option? It's also US company, ignoring their users and lacks many useful featureds

@engineering @laufi a good question to which I cannot provide an answer.
I am not in partisanship, but right now I do trust them on not keeping metadata, and as such don't have anything to provide when asked by the government. I also trust them to build the app they distribute on the store with the sources provided on github. Unchanged.
I hope we won't be let down by them.
Why do you say that they ignore their users? Genuinely curious.


Signal is LLC, funded by non-profit foundation. They are not opened towards community (don't allow 3rd party clients, no f-droid version), have compromised on security, and in the end, you have to trust them. Same as Wire. Only less metadata (if you trust they deployed the same server code as one on github) and less features.

To be clear, I use both apps, but trust no one

@engineering @laufi yeah, the lack of an variant is bothersome. Is it in regard of this that you said they compromised on security? Or are there other reasons?

No, it was this

Also, non-US Wire users are under Swiss laws. All Signal users are under US laws. So, we need to wait and see if there will be some other changes for private users, current situation is still quite good for them

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