@sir It seems things aren't going that great for purism, I just hope that the phone will eventually make it to the market. Once it arrives, at least a big step has been set for open source phones, it can only get better from there. The interviewee mentioned the pinephone as something to look out for, instead of sailfish because sailfish is proprietary. I thought the pinephone didn't really focus on free software at all, but just happens to use a lot of it because it's linux based?


@vancha @sir
IMHO, we don't need 100% privacy focused phone. We only need one without mass surveillance OS & apps ecosystem. Too bad Ubuntu didn't succeed. But whatever we have (Librem 5, PinePhone, Necunos...) is better than the alternative (Android, iPhone, KaiOS phones...)

@engineering @sir True, but I'm convinced that the only real way to escape surveillance, is to have at least 1 free software alternative to mainstream apps and devices.The Librem 5 would be the first to do so to do this without proprietary software ,given you kill the wireless modules.This is actually one of the main reasons I've backed that project, because they are the only ones who' openly aim to use free software, instead of just open source.

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