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I wish supported IRC-like chat channels as well as toots, although I don't know how feasible that would be with the existing infrastructure. Care to weigh in, @Gargron ?

Some would argue, "if you want IRC, then use IRC". And that has merit, of course. But I think channels would be a good way for those of us with few followers to get some interaction going with other users.

What do you think?

But before I can start, there is a near insurmountable obstacle I must somehow wrestle my way past; the same obstacle that is the bane software developers everywhere:

Coming up with a f---ing NAME for the project.

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The last few days I've been experimenting with using data from with to get weather forecasts on the command line.
Today, as a learning experience, I'm going to build a chatbot using Rasa X that I can ask for weather forecasts for any location. This is going to be fun.

@renatolond Wow, your crossposter is awesome. Thank you so much for making and running it!

@gatto Hello! I saw your introduction, and since I'm a Python developer and Switch fan myself, I thought I'd follow you.

You know, I really like it here on The one thing that would perhaps make me switch to another instance would be the low level of activity here. It would be nice to have a local timeline that was more populated - I use it to find people to interact with, and I wish there were more people there to find.

People who object to the blocking of gab with "but muh free speech" need to study up on Popper's tolerance paradox. In short, it states that if you tolerate everything, including intolerance, then the intolerance will eventually grow large enough to become dominant, and then it will shut down tolerance of others.

In other words - be tolerant, but do not tolerate intolerance.

I've been using the Mastodon client for Android, but I'm told it has builtin censorship. Can someone tell me what kind of censorship this is? Because if it's something that blocks its users from gab or somesuch, then I'm TOTALLY fine with it.

Wow. The more I learn about Rasa X (the new web interface to Rasa, which is a Python library for making chatbots), the more I like it. I have to get my shit together and start making a simple Rasa bot for practice this weekend. I'm thinking a bot that I can tell where I put things, which it remembers, so that I can later ask the bot where the thing is when I've forgotten.

@TenaciousKory I'd say just look at the local timeline and reply to messages that seem relevant or interesting to you, kind of like I'm doing now. 😅

People who call a "text editor" are totally missing the point - it does SO much more than just edit text. For example:

1. Emacs has a builtin notetaking system called org-mode.
2. Org-mode has a builtin spreadsheet system.
3. This spreadsheet system has a builtin formula debugger.

That's how deep it goes. There's so much useful and awesome functionality to discover in Emacs. I've used it for 25 years now, and I still learn new stuff about it every week.

I wonder if coding a Mastodon bot would be as much fun as it was to code an IRC bot? IRC was fun because the protocol was so simple you could implement it yourself without the need for a library.

Time to put Boten Anna on repeat, and sit down to work on my chatbot project.

Today I finally have time to sit down and work on my chatbot project AzuraBot. When you think about it, there are a lot of applications that you can write in the form of a chatbot - not all applications have to have a GUI. Conversational interfaces are sometimes useful too. I think in the future we'll be *talking* to our computers like in Star Trek. But the truth is, you can do that today too, all you need is a chatbot with a conversational interface.

Why do I keep forgetting to use Mastodon? Mastodon is awesome, this is where all the best people hang out.

I've created a local Python User Group for Värmland, my province in Sweden. I used Mezzanine, a Django-based CMS to create its website, Now I have to generate interest and get the word out...

Hacker Noon graciously picked up one of my articles about a Linux Bash prompt script I wrote:
Why Linux Developers Should Use GitPrompt – Hacker Noon

Since I'm not all about technology, I've written an article making the case for why I think the Bible and the Quran should be updated by their adherents. This is probably pretty controversial, so wish me luck. And by all means, feel free to let me know what you think.

I watched Hotel Transylvania 3 with the kids the other day. Wow. That was a very... bouncy, energetic movie. I don't think I've ever diagnosed a *movie* with ADHD before, but sometime's got to be the first time I guess.

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