just downloaded the Commodore 64 "Bruce Lee" SID (music) file, grabbed the game's "Door opening" sound from it, saved it as a wav with Sidplay2, converted it to an MP3 with Audacity, copied it to my phone, and set it as my phone's default notification sound. I'm so proud of myself right now. 😅

Despite what my wife claims, what I do normally isn't quite nerdy enough. Therefore, I've taken up programming of the old Commodore 64. I'm starting with this simple (yet fascinating, if you ask me) maze-drawing program in BASIC. Let's see if I can learn enough 6502 assembler to make an assembler version as well.

Drone photography is a lot of fun. I took this panorama just the other day. Now I'm looking forward to actually seeing the sun again so I can take better photos, it's been overcast since I got the drone. Snow would be nice too. Sun over a snowy landscape would be ideal.

I recently bought a drone. Now I just need to learn how to take good photos with it. In this case, I should prepackaged have taken the photo from higher up, top male the bridge stand out against the surrounding water.

An undeniable advantage of practicing Shorinji Kempo is that now that I have my black belt, I'm allowed to dress like a GOD DAMN JEDI MASTER.

When I hold his frisbee, my dog would follow me through the gates of hell.

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