I'm still considering setting up my own Mastodon instance for development, but the setup instructions are a bit intimidating. I mean, I'm an experienced Linux user so that's not the issue. It's just that there are *so many steps* to the instructions, so I feel like *something* is bound to go wrong.

But it would be so much fun to try to build a Python community in Mastodon...

F*** it, I'm doing this - I'm setting up the instance. Wish me luck. At worst, it's 500 SEK in the toilet for the domain name if I fail.

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After careful consideration, I've decided that my instance for developers will be based on Pleroma rather than Mastodon. But, as I've learned, Pleroma is part of the Fediverse too, has an interface similar to that of Mastodon, and works with Mastodon smartphone clients. So people who are used to Mastodon should have no technical problems joining my instance once it's up.

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@BadAtNames That's very interesting, thanks for pointing that out. I have previously looked for existing Python instances, without finding one.

@bjonte Thanks! Waiting for DNS propagation takes forever, I was hoping I'd be able to get this working today, but apparently not...

@enfors That said, good luck with the instance, hope it's fun, productive and useful!
@enfors I'm trying to think of a good name for a general instance, but have been going non-stop with things lately, and with a high level of stress, a bit of lack of sleep, and now I think a cold coming on that just left, I'm having a heck of a time getting to a productive brainstorming session.

Sometimes I really dislike this time of year! heh


I should probably get back into my Python ActivityPub BS so we wouldn't have to depend on a certain big ol' Ruby app!

I ultimately decided to go the docker route. Perhaps some day I'll convert my server over to running directly on a VM instance should I ever need to scale up, but it has made maintenance simpler.

Pleroma is a less intimidating alternative to set up. Takes a different yet fairly effective approach to moderation. Also not Python though lol.

@msh Right. Yeah, more Python stuff for ActivityPub would be nice.

For my instance, I'll try to make do without Docker. We'll see - perhaps I'll have to enlarge my VM (it's Linode).

@enfors I found you need to provision at least 4G of ram to keep it from constantly falling over. If you enable elasticsearch maybe even more :blobtonguewink:

It's a fair bit easier to manage an email server than Mastodon to be honest, but the latter is more interesting lol

@msh 4 GB?! What on EARTH does it need all that RAM for?!

Just curious if you've looked at Pleroma (or even Misskey) or if having the instance written in Python is a key component?

@Kinetix No, I haven't looked into those at all. I just remember checking once what the "core" Mastodon software was written in, and being disappointed that it was not Python.

@Kinetix Looking at it now, it looks interesting. I'm told that a Mastodon server needs 4 GIGABYTES OF RAM which is INSANE considering that what it's doing is pushing f***ing text strings around. So Pleroma being lower in memory requirement as well as being written in Python is indeed enticing...

@Kinetix Ah, looks like I misread your message, I thought you said Pleroma was written in Python. =) Nevertheless, it's still interesting even if it isn't, because it would quite frankly be cheaper to host if it doesn't require so much RAM.

Right, the entry barrier is pretty low, and I found walking through the install instructions easy enough (once one decides on dev vs prod, and using a git install or their OTP).

@Kinetix Yeah. I think I'm going to give it a go tomorrow. Thank you so much for letting me know it existed, I had no idea!

Not at all, I'm glad someone boosted your post!

@bthall Actually, I have, and I've decided to use Pleroma instead of Mastodon for my instance.

Yes :) I haven't hosted an instance with it, but I've been a happy resident on this Pleroma instance and have heard that its requirements make life easier for instance hosts. :)
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