I can't seem to find a Mastodon instance specifically for development. I'm considering setting one up myself. I wonder if there would be any interest for that?

@enfors Might be more interest if you group python, go and rust together. Otherwise I suspect that a one programming language may discourage people into thinking the instance is a very limited one.

@AskChip True, and that's a viable idea. But, I'm running a small local Python user group, and I would be encouraging its members to use the instance. It wouldn't be only for those members, though. But given that connection, having it Python only makes sense, I think.

@enfors Makes sense. That would make it a somewhat private instance, and since you have an idea who is going to use it, that would work. And you wouldn't need massive amounts of server power.

@AskChip Right. But I would invite anyone interested in Python development to use it. But I'm fine with sitting there mostly alone too, due to the fediverse keeping me company. =)

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