Despite what my wife claims, what I do normally isn't quite nerdy enough. Therefore, I've taken up programming of the old Commodore 64. I'm starting with this simple (yet fascinating, if you ask me) maze-drawing program in BASIC. Let's see if I can learn enough 6502 assembler to make an assembler version as well.

@enfors There must be something in the water. 6502 has come up a LOT lately. Did a patent just expire?

@saramg It's the release of "The C64", the recreation of the Commodore 64 hardware. Unlike "The C64 Mini" that came a few years ago, this one is full size and has a working keyboard.

@enfors @nickmofo Please share your asm version with us when it's ready...

I recommend easy6502 as a one-page self-contained tutorial (with embedded emulation!)


@codewiz @enfors @nickmofo

@EdS @codewiz @nickmofo Yeah, I found that one earlier today, and I'm working my way through it now. It's great!

@EdS @retrocomputing @codewiz @enfors @nickmofo On the topic of maze programs and similar cultural ephemera, might want to have a gander at the book "10 PRINT" at

Nice! There's a whole book on this bit of code published by MIT press called "10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10"

@paul Fascinating - I had no idea. And one of the authors, @nickmofo , commented on my post earlier without mentioning that he had co-authored a book named after that little piece of code. :-) Insidentally, I have previously read another of his excellent books, "Twisty little passages", which is about Interactive Fiction. Sounds like I might have to give this one a read too.



Small world. Now *I* have some things to check out. Cheers!

@paul @nickmofo It is indeed well worth checking out, for those of us who are into that sort of thing.

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