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Announcing PythonDevs.social Hello World!

https://pythondevs.social is a new instance aimed at #Python developers of all experience levels. It runs on Pleroma which is similar to (and compatible with) Mastodon - you can use Mastodon smartphone clients with it, and you can enable a Mastodon lookalike interface on the web if you want.

Come join us - let’s build a community together and enjoy a local timeline filled with #Python discussions.

Be nice. No hate speech.
The official language is English for public messages.
While we encourage discussion topics directly related to #Python, other topics are okay too.

Boosts / Repeats appreciated! Let’s try to reach as many #Python developers as we can.

Things are starting to shape up nicely now, over at the instance I'm setting up. After working with this for a few days now, I've come to an unavoidable conclusion:

The Fediverse and its inhabitants are awesome. This is so much fun.

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Messing around with starting my own Fediverse instance has made me miss the pre-Internet days of BBSes. A BBS was in a lot of ways even more special than a Fediverse server, because it contained so many things. There were bulletin boards, files you could trade, and "doors" as they were called, which were text-based games you could play with other users of the BBS. It was somehow more personal.

I've finally been able to set up a fediverse instance (running ) for developers. But before I formally announce it, I need to see what kind of customizations I can do to it. At a minimum, I want new users to be greeted with a brief text which explains what the instance is about.

After careful consideration, I've decided that my instance for developers will be based on Pleroma rather than Mastodon. But, as I've learned, Pleroma is part of the Fediverse too, has an interface similar to that of Mastodon, and works with Mastodon smartphone clients. So people who are used to Mastodon should have no technical problems joining my instance once it's up.

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F*** it, I'm doing this - I'm setting up the instance. Wish me luck. At worst, it's 500 SEK in the toilet for the domain name if I fail.

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I'm still considering setting up my own Mastodon instance for development, but the setup instructions are a bit intimidating. I mean, I'm an experienced Linux user so that's not the issue. It's just that there are *so many steps* to the instructions, so I feel like *something* is bound to go wrong.

But it would be so much fun to try to build a Python community in Mastodon...

Just this morning, I was bragging about how I've been using for 25 years. And just now I realized that I didn't know how to delete from cursor, to the end of the word; turns out, it's M-d.

I can't seem to find a Mastodon instance specifically for development. I'm considering setting one up myself. I wonder if there would be any interest for that?

just downloaded the Commodore 64 "Bruce Lee" SID (music) file, grabbed the game's "Door opening" sound from it, saved it as a wav with Sidplay2, converted it to an MP3 with Audacity, copied it to my phone, and set it as my phone's default notification sound. I'm so proud of myself right now. 😅

I wonder if I can learn enough 6502 assembly to make Commodore 64 SID music? Well, I know I *can*, but I mean, will I be able to stick with it and not get bored before I get that far? I've always admired SID music, making it is an artform consisting of a mix of programming and music. It's a craft.

@NOCARRIER@hackers.town Hey there. Your introduction caught my attention. ATH0 from your profile is the hangup command for Hayes-compatible modems, if I remember correctly...?

@nickmofo Hey, I recognize your name, I read your IF book! 😊

Despite what my wife claims, what I do normally isn't quite nerdy enough. Therefore, I've taken up programming of the old Commodore 64. I'm starting with this simple (yet fascinating, if you ask me) maze-drawing program in BASIC. Let's see if I can learn enough 6502 assembler to make an assembler version as well.

Drone photography is a lot of fun. I took this panorama just the other day. Now I'm looking forward to actually seeing the sun again so I can take better photos, it's been overcast since I got the drone. Snow would be nice too. Sun over a snowy landscape would be ideal.

I recently bought a drone. Now I just need to learn how to take good photos with it. In this case, I should prepackaged have taken the photo from higher up, top male the bridge stand out against the surrounding water.

@darkstar Hi! I noticed in your profile - I'm assuming you're referring to the text editor?

After this weekend's online conference, I feel really inspired. I've been using Emacs for 25 years, and now I have decided that I want to contribute something back to the project. Would be awesome to have something I have written, be distributed as part of this legendary software. Now I just need to figure out what to contribute! Documentation is probably the easiest part to start with, I think...

Hello everyone! Today I'm really excited for the online conference that's starting in an hour and a half: emacsconf.org/2019

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