When working with accessibility, it is crazy important to have proper punctuation.

The difference in how it sounds is 🤯

Will share a demo tomorrow.

Not sure I ever know what the right selection is when this happens 😅

I actually saw the message I wrote and was like "I needed this" 😅

is there a need for a twitter watch client?
And what are the existing options?

If you can't tell, I do not own a watch 😅

Barny is going "all in" 😅

Catalyst or cross-platform app?
Any1 has some experience with this?

Any1 had similar issues with the keyboard where it dismisses but comes back and then dismisses itself...yet again? 😅

I am using focus state, and it worked "fine" before. But not sure if the animation is messing it up.

Also receiving some errors in the console 👇

So whose UI is this when I am using Mastodon? "Theirs" or technology instance?

Since I really wanna bug some1 with this

This heatwave is being felt in Oslo as well. Not fun 😅 I came here specifically for the reason of not having to deal with that 🥵

When developing cross-platform, build iOS first, and you have a navigation view...

You might hit this snag to have an empty view displayed as root.

Changing navigation view style to Stack gets the job done 👌

So happy to have found Zephyr SPM.
It syncs through iCloud in just 2-3 lines of code 🙌🙌🙌


Looking for iOS indie devs to follow 🙌 :ablobcatrainbow:

Recommendations welcome!

Just joined here after getting a recommendation from @phranck 🙌

So far, lookin good 🤘

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